How Do I Train My Dog to Go to the Bathroom in One Spot?

The last time you were at a friend’s home, dog poop was all over the yard. You probably would not understand why someone was comfortable staying around poop. Truth is, sometimes pet owners just give up.

Trials to have their fur friends poop in a particular spot end up nowhere. Therefore they just end up tolerating the site and stench hoping for a better tomorrow. Being a dog lover yourself, the sight of poop all over didn’t kill your love for dogs.

With the hope of you doing better with yours, you got yourself a dog. Finally, the nightmare you were dreading of him pooping all over has set in. Your dog poops all over and your efforts to have him go to a particular spot are ending up futile.

I understand your frustrations and the desire to have your dog go to the bathroom in one spot. What you should know, your dog is trainable. You just deserve the right guide to help you attain your goals with your dog.

Here is what you should do to make your dog go to the bathroom in one spot.

Know when your dog wants to poop

Feeding your dog at the same time every day will make you know when he wants to poop. Unlike humans, dogs take a very short duration of time to poop after a meal. Experts quote ten to thirty minutes. Actually, as you stay with your dog you will realize the same.

Also watching his body language can help you know when he is about to poop. Animal behaviorists will tell you if you see your dog looking like he wants to squat. Then there is a possibility he wants to poop.

Ten to thirty minutes after feeding him if you notice him sniffing the floor or squatting, you just got your perfect timing. Never let your dog keep eating throughout the day. You might just never get a proper hold of his pooping schedule.

Once you see him start squatting or sniffing the floor, take him to your chosen spot. Just pick one spot, the intent is to have him go there every time he wants to go to the bathroom. If you take him to one spot for two days then change, your training efforts won’t work.

Ensure the spot is accessible by the dog

Such areas can even be closer to the fence. Ensure the spot is convenient for everyone. You, your home occupants, and your dog. Carefully choose a spot whereby if you forget to clean no one will accidentally walk into the poop. If you have a child, remember poop has bacteria.

If the dog poops on your child’s playground, he or she might come in to contact with the poop. Also, ensure the surface you pick is easy to clean. A surface like concrete works just fine, you actually get to pour water and a disinfectant, and you are done.

The goal is to let the dog eliminate his waste in an area that doesn’t come in the way of anybody. Like you can walk into your house without stepping on poop. Your child can play without touching surfaces with poop. Also, your dog is able to get to his poop spot as soon as possible.

Find a bathroom command

Talk to your dog. Every time you take him to the spot say a command like ‘poo-poo’. Such commands are easy to use and most people actually use them. Once you take your dog to a particular spot every day and say the command he will associate the spot with the command and the act.

Once the three are clear to him, then the spot can end up becoming his poop place. Remember the rules are, the same spot, same command, every day, don’t change you will confuse the dog. When your dog is going to the bathroom, avoid eye contact.

Ideally, no one wants to be seen pooping. Be present but don’t cause discomfort. Also even when teaching to go to the bathroom in a specific area, treats should always be present. Watch him from the side of your eye, your dog, and wait for him to finish.

The moment he does, give him those snacks or his favorite ball. He will eventually associate the treats with the good act of going to the bathroom in the same spot. After a few days of training, a good dog won’t require your monitoring services anymore.

Reward him for going to the spot in your absence

Once you notice your dog going to the spot you have been teaching him. Reward him with treats when he returns. When dogs get a reward for certain behavior. They will often try to do the right thing so as to get the reward.

However, you won’t be there all the time to reward your dog for going to the bathroom in a particular spot. With time he will know going to the particular area is the right behavior. He won’t require a treat to do so.

Help your dog mark the territory

With the availability of commercial posts, having your dog mark his territory is easy. The posts come with odor meant to attract your dog. Always take your dog during his bathroom times to the post. The smell from the post will attract him hence have him go to the bathroom.

If you can’t quickly find the post. There are always other ways out. Take your dog’s poop and place the poop at a particular spot. Pour as much water as you can so as the poop smell goes away.

Always take your dog to a particular spot when he wants to poop. He will eventually mark the area as his rightful bathroom place.


Any animal behaviorist will tell you one fact about all dogs. When training, you require all the patience you can use, repetition is the order of the training.

You might think your dog will learn in a day then he ends up taking days or even a fortnight. Don’t give up on him yet, if he taking too long, you will get there in the long run.

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