How Do I Train My Dog To Hunt?

Nothing feels good and rewarding when you have your dog come along with you whenever you go outside to hunt. It is like some sign of loyalty from your great canine partner. Your good companion will help you track and hunt down your prey.

It is also good for your friend to hunt with you and, at the same time, act as your security guard in the wild. However, doggies aren’t born hunters; they also need to learn these skills like humans. Read through to find some steps you need to take to train your good friend to become great at hunting.

Start at an early age

Your dog learns faster when you start training them to hunt at an early age. You can still train an older dog as well though they may take a longer time to learn those techniques. When you start training your dog as a puppy, they will gain confidence as they grow and become your great partner in the wild.

The sessions also create a perfect environment for trust and a friend who’ll be obedient to your command. By the time your puppy matures with the skills, they hunting will be flowing in their blood.

Teach your puppy the basic social behavior

Social behavior should be the number one training your furry friend gets once they learn to interact with the world. Social behavior is not only helpful in hunting but also other adventurous activities your dog will be engaging into.

Your friend should know about the leash and understand where to find a toilet whenever nature calls. When they behave in a good way, reward them for reinforcing the behavior.

Whenever they mess up, be gentle and train them again until they get it right. Use the same methods to reward their hunting skills for them to get used to your signals while in the wild.

Introduce your friend to water and nature

Don’t shy away from introducing your furry friend to water. It is one of the ways of treating and rewarding your loyal friend since they will find it fun to play in the water after all. You can start by introducing your puppy to a swimming pool before they’re ready for the open waters.

When your dog plays in the water, their joints and muscles will be developing. The strengthening of joints and muscles is especially important for dog breeds with joint-related issues as they advance in age.

Taking your dog to water should start at a very early, most preferably when your puppy is three months old so that they get used to it.

Introduce your puppy to waterfowl scents and decoys

One of the important training you should give your friend is to make them learn the difference between decoys and real ducks using dummies. You can set some decoys far from your pooch, and then throw the dummy in a place nearer.

Release your dog to go find the dummy. Reward them when they got back with the dummy to reinforce it. Familiarize them with different scents as they will need this a lot in the wild.

Keep on practicing on a daily basis

Training your hunting dog will require much attention and constant work. Ensure you have as much practice as possible.

If you can manage to do it daily, the better, but if not, several days a week will still work. Understand that puppies have a short attention span until they reach 6-8 months. Daily exercises work well with them if you don’t want them to forget what they’ve learned.

Make sure you have a great bond with your little friend and don’t leave the train by themselves. Leaving the dog alone or giving someone else to train them on your behalf will break the bond that you two need to hunt as a team. Ensure you have fun as well when training so that the dog can focus.

Introduce your pooch to a real hunting situation

Be sure to train your dog in a controlled hunting environment before you finally take them to a real hunting situation. Train the dog to stay calm when they are around gunfire and always target places where you normally practice.

Take them to places they are always familiar with at first until they learn and become confident. Ensure to condition your pooch to hunting scenarios and not anything else. Don’t do it once and then take a break as they need this often to get used to hunting.

Ensure they get used wild birds and also learn to work with other dogs. Take them to different environments, including swampy places with water, tall trees, and thickets so that they get used to every kind of situation.

Don’t forget to reward

When your friend does something wrong, don’t scold them but offer a reward. They are learning after all, and mistakes are part of it.

Whenever they do the correct way, offer a more generous reward to reinforce the behavior. Play along with the rewarding habit until they learn. Soon, they will start doing what you want them to do even without the reward.

Introduce your pooch to boats and blinds

Your good friend should be familiar with your stronghold. Teach your pooch to recognize and respect the blinds and boats. Train them to be quiet and still. Let them stay calm and quiet near you whenever you shoot. After that, instruct them to do the fetching.

You can also achieve calmness behavior by rewarding them whenever they stay still. Your dog may be scared in the first few days, but they will adapt with time.

As a hunter, you should know that training your dog how to hunt is a continuous process. You need effort, dedication, and a high level of understanding.

Don’t forget to create friendship and a good bond in the process s you’ll need this to work together. With time, your dog will become a great hunter more than you are, and you’ll enjoy a day spent together in the wilderness.

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