How Do I Train My Dog to Lay Down?

It seems that nowadays it is much more difficult to train a dog. A well-trained dog is a great asset to any pet owner.

Every dog is different. Some dogs are much more prone and open to training. While other dogs are much more closed off and are not easily trained. Each dog also has its own personality. Some dogs will be more patient while other dogs will not want to listen.

It is up to the owner to make sure that the dog is well trained and behaved. One of the most common tricks the owner will teach a dog is how to lay down.

Laying down is a good skill for every dog because it teaches patience and also is good for when the dog is outside. If the dog is in a park and needs to relax, this is a good trick to learn.

This is a great trick to learn for every dog. The problem is the trick is not easy to learn. Learning it will take time and effort from both the dog and the owner. Keeping a calm and understanding environment is crucial to teaching the dog this trick.

Here are some tips and tricks to make sure that your dog learns quickly how to lay down.

The owner needs to be very patient

Depending on the dog it can take a couple of days for the dog to even try. If the owner becomes frustrated it will not help the situation or the dog. Something else you know is that this trick should be taught when a dog is a puppy.

Older dogs will take more time to learn. Teaching a puppy will stay with them and be much easier. Stress is something that you should not try to do on a dog. If the dog is stressed, the dog will not want to work with you to learn the trick.

Keeping a calm and understanding environment is crucial for the dog. Trust is another important factor. A dog that’s trustful will be much more likely to listen to you. As you teach the dog how to lay down, you should build trust with the dog. Building trust will help you teach a dog new tricks as time goes on.

The owner will use is treats

This incentive is crucial for the dog to learn what to do. If the dog expects that a treat will be given it will be much easier for them.

The strategy is to get a dog to lay is to put a treat down on the ground. When the dog goes down for the treat the owner should prompt him to stay. Because when a dog thinks that the lay will produce a treat, they will do it more often.

When a dog lays down the owner should praise them. These can be a smile and good words. The dog should feel good about the accomplishment.

The key is to make the dog want to do it. The dog should feel if the dog does it they will get a reward. The reward system is a great way to teach a dog how to do any tricks.

The key to teaching a dog this trick is practice

The practice is everything when it comes to training a dog. You should practice it over and over again until your dog feels comfortable with it and does it on demand.

When your dog is laying down to get the treat, you should say down. As the dog is going down to get the treats to say down. Saying this prompt the dog to understand what down means.

This positive reinforcement is very helpful when you want your dog to lay on a word command. While the dog is laying down you should give the dog praise.

The treats help the dogs understand that they will be rewarded when they are laying down. The treats have a lasting impression on the dog that they will get a reward.

When you are teaching a dog how to lay, to do it in different environments

When a dog has mastered doing it in a calm and quiet environment mix it up. You should take the dog to a park where there are noise and distractions. The one thing that will mix up the training is distractions.

The distraction might be something like a TV playing or another dog running. These distractions can really mess up the dog training and understanding of the trick.

You should do the same training in the park. Add many distractions to the dog so that the dog practices. You should add another human to the mix.

When you add another human this is the biggest distraction. The other human can talk to the dog and try to praise the dog. The human should also offer other treats to try to distract the dog. When a dog is still laying down even when there are distractions, you know the dog has learned.

Be calm

Teaching a dog how to lay down is difficult. Each dog is different and has its own personality. Some dogs will be easier to teach while others will be more difficult. The best thing you can do if you are having trouble is to be calm and patient.

Showing dog patience will help them learn the trick faster. Also know that stress is not a good thing on the dog. A stressed dog will not want to learn and will refuse. The key is to get a dog to want to learn how to lay down.

Knowing some simple tricks will help you teach the dog how to lay down and do all the tricks. Positive reinforcement is crucial.

A dog should think that when they lay down they will get a treat or a reward. Praise can be simple like a smile and a good word.

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