How Do I Train My Dog to Run With Me?

Nothing is fun as running together with your friend. Your dog will protect you as well as providing you with loyal companionship.

However, running with a dog is not the same as running with a human being who can keep up with your speed. All dogs require special training before you can start running with them.

The following are steps you can follow to make sure your dog is ready to run with you.

Identify the right breed and the age of your dog

You need to identify the age and the breed of the dog before you start the training program. Check whether your dog is suitable for running the long-distance race.

Some dogs, such as bulldogs or pugs, cannot run for longer distances because they have short muzzles.

You should also know that running is not good for puppies because their bones and muscles are still developing. The puppies are not ready to run until they are one year old, and to some other breeds, they can wait until the puppy is one and a half years.

Dogs are not the same; they have different personalities. For this reason, you will find out that some dogs will love running while others do not like it even if they are of the same breed.

You should go for an extra mile on researching the breed of your dog, and you can even take them to the veterinarian to have them checked physically to ensure that they are safe when running.

Walk your dog before running

It is very vital for your dog master loose leash walking before you begin training him to run beside you. Find a quiet place to train your dog, where it is free from all kinds of destruction. A place where there are busy roads or so many dogs passing by will not be fit to do your training.

Make sure to carry your dog’s favorite food, break it into small pieces, and treat your dog, and it will play a key role in helping you to adhere to the new routine of running with you.

It is important to make sure when you are running your dog is on the side, it can be left or right depending on the side that you feel comfortable using. Make sure the side that you pick for your dog to run from, you adhere to it.

If you train your dog to run in front of you, it can tangle your legs hence making you fall.

Make sure you start training it by allowing it to walk first. Give your dog treats if it is on the side, which you want to train it from, whether it is right or left. Immediately you notice that your dog has mastered running on one side; you can shift to the other side but use a different tactic to train it.

Increase in speed

By now, your dog will have politely learn to walk by your side. When you are going for the normal walks with it, increase your speed from the one you normally use.

Identify a phrase that will be alerting your dog when it time for it to run. You can use a phrase such as ‘let’s go’ stick to this term. Every time your dog will hear of this term, it will always be mentally prepared that you want to go with it for a run, and it will respond to you quickly.

To teach your dog the phrase, you will be using, make sure you mention it every time before increasing your speed.

If your dog hurries up to catch up with you, reward it by giving it its favorite food. By doing so, you will be encouraging your dog to keep on running. You can as well come up with another phrase to use when you are running, and you want your dog to come down or to slow its speed.

Teach your dog how to endure

After you notice that your dog can keep up with your pace as well as running beside you, just as human beings, you also need to get the dog’s body into perfect shape. You can only achieve the goal of the good body shape if you only teach your dog to endure slowly by adding a few stretches into your daily walks.

Withdraw your treats and only use praising words every time your dog keeps up with your speed. You can then increase the time you spend running and reduce the walking pace. When you consistently follow the above procedure, then in a few weeks, your dog will have adapted into running long distances.

Running with your dog in extreme weather conditions

Most dedicated runners will not mind running even when the weather conditions are not favorable to them.

They can run when it is too hot, raining, or even when it is snowing. In such times when the weather is so harsh for a dog to run with, you always make sure that your dog continues to do indoor exercise to maintain its physical condition.

Work out such running on the staircases can get your dog’s heart pumping hence helping it to work on its muscles. Treadmills can work out very well on your dog. Some treadmills are specifically modified for the dogs.

Currently, most dogs are well trained to use these treadmills, especially when you want to train your dog to exercise from Indoors.

If you have a treadmill that you use, you do not have to purchase another since your dog can use it too.

When you are buying your dog a treadmill, you must consider the size of your dog. If your dog is big, you should then purchase a bigger treadmill.

However, using a treadmill is not the best way to have your dog have its indoor exercise; it is good to use it once in a while. If you have been wondering how you can train your dog to run with you, then wonder no more as the above tips will help you to train it.

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