How Do I Train My Dog to Sleep in His Bed?

Dogs are friendly and social animals. No wonder your dog will want to spend more time with you. Regardless of where you are, be it traveling or doing your daily duties, it will always want to be around you.

Sometimes it can present a few problems, especially when you want to have a good night’s sleep. If you are the kind of a person who requires total silence to drift into dreamland and you are a doggy parent, it can even be more difficult.

It may sound impossible in the beginning to get your dog to sleep in its bed. However, it is possible. You can do it in such a way that you do not have to feel guilty of pushing your treasured one away from you. The following are steps on how you can train your dog to sleep on its bed

Step 1: come with new sleeping rules for your dog

Decide where you want your dog sleep, whether it is on your furniture or you buy it its bed. You need to be consistent to avoid confusing your dog.

If you do not want it to be in your furniture, then let it be accustomed to staying down and do not make any is advisable to train your dog during the day rather than doing it at night when it wants to sleep.

It is most definite that your dog will not rest on its new bed on the first day of the training, mainly if it is used to sleeping with you in your bed.

Create an inviting sleeping atmosphere for your dog

Depending on the age and the sleeping habits of your dog, buy a perfect bed for it. Orthopedic beds can be absolute for older dogs since they usually support their joints. If your dog likes sleeping when its head is elevated, then a bolster bed would be perfect for it.

Place the bed where you feel it is suitable for your dog to sleep; it can be on the floor of your room or even in the living room. Be on the lookout to learn where your dog spends a lot of time during the day.

By noticing such, then it means that your dog is comfortable at that particular place. Place its bed there, but make sure that the spot is not drafty.

To make sure that the dog’s bed carries your scent, rub your hands over it, and it will feel your presence all over its bed. You can then lay its best blanket or dog’s toy on the bed.

Introduce your dog to its bed

Gently introduce your dog to its new bed. Allow it to explore it at its own time. Every time it sits or sniffs on its new bed, give it treats or use words of praise to encourage it.

When a dog receives a gift because of a particular behavior, it is most likely that it will keep on repeating it. If the dog does not want to go to bed on its own, do not keep on pushing it. After you have done the introduction, you can take a break before embarking on your next step.

Select a command word

Choose a command word such as ‘Go to bed!’ that you will consistently use when you want your dog to go bed. When you are doing the training process, always keep the treats near will be helpful when you are leading your dog to go bed.

Place the treat on the dog’s bed and then use the command word that you have chosen. Immediately it climbs on the bed to get the treats that you have put for it, praise it, and you can even give it the second treat. If it wants to go just allow it to do so since it is still familiarizing itself with its new bed

You can severely repeat the process throughout the day and even sometimes at night until your dog gets used to your command phrase. You can slowly move a little bit further from the bed every time you give the ‘go to bed’ command until when it can take itself to bed from any place in the house.

As it continues to learn and to show progress, you can withdraw from giving it treats and instead only use the praise words only. Be on the lookout to see when it independently takes itself to bed and praise it or give it a treat

Get your dog to lie down on itself

In most cases, it will lie down on its self during step four or even a few minutes after you introduce your dog to its bed. However, not all dogs will adhere to the training.

Some dogs are a bit stubborn, and they require more training. Using the preferred phrase, encourage your dog to go to bed, stay in place until your dog falls asleep.

It is essential not to bang on the door or to ring the doorbell to avoid disrupting your dog when it is trying to sleep. Eventually, it will learn to go to bed on its own every time you ask it to do so.

You can place the dog bed at different places in your home so that it can get used to looking for a bed instead of getting used to one location. If you are the kind of a person who travels along with your dog the procedure will be beneficial or if you want your dog to use any bed in your house

Do not punish your dog

It should be fun for your dog to use its bed. If it does not want to use its bed, you should not punish it. If your dog is not cooperating with you, then take a break and repeat the procedure later.

You can divide your sessions on how to train your dog rather than doing it all at once, and it will be fun for you and your dog.

If you want to punish your dog, do not use its bed. The bed is meant for your dog to feel safe, comfortable, and a relaxing area for it to sleep.

Depending on the dog’s nature, it may take hours, days, or even weeks to train your dog on how to rest on its bed.

Finally, be consistent and offer more encouragement to your dog when you are doing the training.

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