How Do I Train My Dog to Sleep Through the Night?

If you are the kind of person who works long hours and wakes up very early, you value every minute of your sleep. If you are a doggy parent and your dog and keeps on disrupting your precious sleep at night, it can be very annoying.

When your dog is unable to sleep at night, and when does, it only sleeps for a few minutes, then wake up and start to moans until you give it attention .you need to train your dog how to sleep throughout the night.

Ensure that you come up with a sleeping pattern. Where It can sleep at night to ensure that it does not sleep during the day when you or the children want to play with it.

When you are training your dog to sleep at night, it requires you to have a lot of patience at the beginning. However, this task is achievable. You must ensure that you come up with a consistent routine and commit to it.

At first, you will feel like you are harsh to your dog since it includes ignoring its cries when it starts to moans for attention. You need to perform several tasks to ensure that your dog is tired during the night.

If it is a puppy, it should make your work very easy. It is supposed to take a lot of time sleeping for it to grow quickly and to build its muscles. Training a puppy how to sleep at night is easy, and it will only take a few days to get used to the new routine.

If you are training an old dog that is not used sleeping at night for many years, then it can take a few weeks for it to get used to the new routine of sleeping early. Always be positive and persistent, and within no time, you will be able to enjoy your sleep the whole night without any interactions.

What you need before the training

You will need various items for your training to move smoothly. Have a very comfortable bed in a place where you think it is private for your dog. Carry along some dogs, treat for motivation, as well as its favorite toys.

You also need to set aside 20 minutes in the evening to do the training. Finally, you need to have a positive attitude and be patient throughout the training.

Once you have all this, you can follow the following tips to help you train your dog on how to sleep through the night.

Give your dog physical and mental stimulation

If you realize that your dog is a high energy dog. Whereby it roams the whole house, and it does not want to settle down once its bedtime. You must incorporate more exercise during the day.

Giving your dog an exercise is very important as it will affect how your dog will sleep at night. Having your it does exercise does not take a long time it only requires you to spare one hour per day.

If you are the kind of person who works throughout the day and getting even that one hour to walk the dog is hard, you might consider hiring a dog walker.

Walking your dog will break its monotony of sitting in the house all day. The workout will help your dog to get tired; hence getting to bed will very easy for you.

The personality, breed, age, and health of the dog will contribute a lot to how much exercise your dog requires for it to fall asleep. However, do not force them into doing too much exercise. Make sure you balance. Other games such as puzzle toys will help your dog to work its mind out.

Bath your dog before bed

Shower your dog in the evening for it to relax. Make sure you do not feed it before it goes to the bathroom. For your dog to sleep comfortably, you should feed it shortly before it goes to bed.

Do not give it too much water when it is about to sleep since it will keep on waking up to ease itself. Make it your responsibility to take your dog to the bathroom every day before it goes to bed.

Keep evenings calm

Dogs tend to mostly attach their actions and emotions toward to that of its owner. For example, if you are relaxing your dog will relax along with you. In this case, you should lure your dog into sleeping.

The first one hour or two before your dog goes to sleep. It should be very silent for it to adjust to the new routine of sleeping.

Train your dog with a crate

Creating your dog a comfortable crate will help it adjust to the new sleeping routine since it will not be wandering in the house. Most doggy parents will prefer sleeping with their dogs in their beds, but you must keep them the crater.

They will not be in a position to wake up in the middle of the night. Putting your dog in a crater should only be for training purposes. You should never put it there because you want to punish it. Make it feel safe and secure.

It will be a matter of time, and your dog will be used to sleeping in the crater. Once your dog has adapted to sleeping soundly throughout the night, you can now test it by taking it to sleep with you in your bed to check whether they have learned the new routine.

Make your dog feel comfy

Regardless of where you choose your dog to be sleeping, whether it is on the crater on the doggy bed ensure that it is comfortable.

You can make it comfier by buying for it a soft blanket and if there is a certain toy that they like, put it on their bed before they sleep. If they are attached to you can rub your hands on the dog’s blanket. Be sure that they feel your presence there.

Medical attention

Sometimes some illnesses can make your dog not have a sleepover the night. You should make sure that you constantly take your dog to the vet for a regular checkup. The restless night should be a clear indication that your dog is suffering from a certain condition that should be addressed urgently.

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