How Do I Train My Dog to Stay off the Couch?

Most families like their dogs to cuddle up on the couch with them. However, not all dogs are suitable for spending their time on your furniture.

Most dogs tend to be very messy, and they can tear up your favorite pillow, blanket, or even your couch. Some dogs tend to be even more aggressive when it comes to sharing a chair with anyone.

The dog’s fur can also be a problem as it is left on the couch every time your dog sits on it. Most dogs are always very comfortable on their beds or in a beautiful area on the floor.

Never the fewer dogs which have been let to stay on the couch for more than once happens to be more stubborn when you need them to adjust.

Older dogs may be very hesitant to adjust to change. However, you should be persistent, and with time it will adapt. There are a few steps you should follow to ensure you convince your dog being in the furniture is not a place for it.

Be consistent

You must be consistent. You can only achieve it if every member of your family, be it your mam, dad, sister, grandmother, kids, or even guests are aware the dog is not allowed to sit on the couch.

It will be essential for your dog to adjust if the standards of holding it remain the same.

If some members of your family allow the dog to sit on the couch and others don’t while others allow it to sit on it at a particular time during the day, it will be tough for it to adjust hence confusing the dog on which rules it should follow.

Purchase a new bed for your dog

If you want your dog to stop sitting on your couch easily, then you should consider buying it a new bed or a pillow for it enjoy instead of your furniture. It is important to note if your dog has a comfortable place to rest, then in most cases, it will not sleep on the couch.

If your dog is old, you may find it sleeping on the couch since it requires a very soft material to lay on. It is because their body and joints are very delicate; hence you should consider buying them a new bed to keep them healthier and comfy.

Find a toy or a treat your dog loves. Place them on the floor or the bed of your dog. Giving it treats will disrupt it, and it will make it easier for it to adjust.

Make sure the floor or the bed for your dog is enticing, and your dog will have an easy time adjusting. You can bring your dog’s bed closer to the couch.

Then identify a phrase that you will consistently use when you want your dog to go to bed, such as ‘go to bed’. Every time you notice your dog wants to sit on the couch, then you can use the phrase to command it to go to bed.

Train your dog to get off the couch

When your dog gets on to the furniture or it puts its paws on it. Then you should command it to get off.

You can entice it off the furniture with a treat or even tossing a few treats on the ground. Immediately your dog gets down to the floor. You can praise it, and with time, it will realize you all like it when it is on the floor.

When it starts to show some progress, you can withdraw the treat and only praise every time you ask it to get down to the floor. Eventually, your dog will get used to it and stay on the floor without any command.

However, all dogs are not the same; some dogs may not adapt to the method. If your dog does not do it, you should not punish it or throw it on the ground.

Use obstacles to prevent your dog from getting into your couch

It is advisable to use obstacles to prevent your dog from accessing your couch. You can do it, especially when you are not at home.

The couch obstacle you chose should be able to cover up the entire length of your couch. You should make sure it hard for your dog to climb on the sofa as well as uncomfortable for it to sleep.

Some products are available in the market. They are not only in the market but also in your home and can quickly fill the space of the couch. Some of the items which are available in our homes include;

Laundry basket
Laundry baskets are popular, and almost everyone has them in their home. It is effortless to move them around since they are large and have lightweight.

If you put the basket and realize your dog is knocking it down, then you should consider filing it with clothes to make it more cumbersome for the dog to move it around.

Use noise deterrents to scare your dog

Most of the deterrents are available in the market. Some of them are mats, which usually produce sound every time they are touched.

Apart from the carpets, some other devices sound like an alarm when your dog goes close to them. When they produce the sounds, the dog will get scared, and it will run away from your couch

Manage your dog every time you are not at home

A dog is very nosy, and there is the likelihood they will sneak into sleep on your couch when you are not at home.

You need to make sure you block the room so as the dog does not get access to it. Moreover, you can keep the dog in another place when you are not at home

The fundamental way for your dog not to get to the couch is for you to be persistent in your training.

When you are consistent, your dog will improve, and you will enjoy training it hence less or no frustrations at the end.

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