10 Signs Your Dog Is Bored

Most pets, and especially dogs, are intelligent. Stimulation is one of the essential things that intelligent animals require. Lack of stimulation can result in boredom. Most people keep dogs as their companions.

Dogs prevent them from being bored when they are alone. However, when you go to work, you always leave your dog alone for so many hours.

Loneliness makes your dog bored. In case you do not play with your dog or even exercise later after you come home, you are making things worse. A dog should be active at all times.

Although loneliness may not be the only cause of boredom, you should quickly know when your dog is bored. Most of the people are unable to tell when their dogs are bored, and hence they cannot be of help.

Understanding the feelings of your pet is very necessary. If you want to know that your dog is bored, check out for the following signs and symptoms.

Taking long naps

Dogs are similar to human beings to a certain extent. When you are bored, you will tend to spend most of your time sleeping. This is because you do not have anything to do.

When your dog is bored, you will realize that it will spend more of its time sleeping. Since your dog lacks anything else they can do, they decide to sleep.

Trying to seek your attention

When your dog wants to play with you, you will know that you should be playing with it. This is because there are things that your dog will do for it to express itself. When your dog is bored, it will seek your attention constantly.

You will realize that your dog is trying to climb on your lap or staring at you even when you are busy. This is because your dog wants to do something with you to keep it active. By capturing your attention, you will know what to do with your dog.

Harassing the other dogs

Dogs will try to divert their boredom into something or someone else. Other people own more than one dog. If one of your dogs is bored, then they will try to divert their boredom by attacking the other dogs.

The bored dog will enjoy harassing the other dogs since it finds it enjoyable. The victim, on the other hand, has to fight with the harasser making the harasser have a good time. Instead of waiting until your dog starts a fight, please keep it occupied at all times.


Biting is one of the behaviors that is known to the puppies as they grow. The puppies will bite everything, including clothes, shoes, ankles, and the rest.

When you realize that your adult dog has this behavior, do not think that everything is normal. Your dog could be bored. Since it has nothing to do, it is using the energy it has to do something that keeps it busy.

Your dog will take biting as the best idea that can keep it active.


When you leave your dog unoccupied for so much time, it gets bored. It has to find the most exciting activities that can entertain it.

One of these activities is digging. Most dogs find digging to be very entertaining, but to you, it could be not very pleasant. As your dog digs, the smells and the textures that it comes across encourages it to continue. A bored dog will tend to spend most of its time digging.

Excessive and unreasonable barking

There are times when you will hear your dog barking, but you cannot see what it is barking at. When your dog is bored, it will bark at anything.

When your dog sees birds, other pets, children, your family members, and other things, it will begin to bark. The dog may bark for a very long time before it stops. It is one of the signs that will tell you that your dog is bored.

Wanting to escape

Most of the people want their dogs to stay indoors. If your dog is not active, they will definitely get bored. Since dog knows that there are physical activities they can take part in outside, they will try to sneak out.

If you realize that your dog has developed that behavior, know that they are bored. The reason as to why they want to escape is because you are not giving them the fun they need.

Eating more food

When a large number of people are bored, they will tend to eat more food. The reason as to why you will eat a lot is because there is nothing else that can keep you busy. Eating a lot is what your dog will tend to do when it is bored.

Even if you are feeding your dog with the usual amount of food it is used to eating, it will want to eat more and more. If you do not make the food available, your dog will look for ways to get the food. For instance, it will steal food or eat from the trash as long as there is more food for it.

Destroying your property

At times when you leave your dog alone for some time, it begins to destroy your property when it is bored. This is because your dog did not find anything else to do when it bored.

Your dog has a great choice of the items it can destroy when bored. For instance, it can chew your shoes, dig at the carpet, eat your couch, and others.

Your dog tries to imagine the activities it could do if it was outside, and then it does them with what’s available. This is why it destroys your items.

Boring greetings

When you come home from work or any other place, your dog is always waiting to welcome you. It is happy to see you come back. However, when your dog is bored, it will not greet you as usual. At times it will even ignore you and behave as if nobody is there.

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