How to Train Your Dog to Ask to Go Outside

Imagine your dog walking up to you and asking in English your permission to go outside. It’s interesting. But is this possible? You will agree that it is not easy to know when your dog needs to go out before his mess dirt your house.

While it is impossible, there are ways to train your dog for permission to go outside to pee. However, you will note that some dogs give more precise signals than others on the need to go out.

It is advisable, therefore, to learn your dog’s communication techniques. In general, the following is a step-by-step guide on how to train your dog to ask for permission to go outside. Scroll on.

Using a bell technique

Bell technique is the most effective technique of teaching your dog to ask for permission to go outside. If you decide to use the bell technique, you should follow the following steps

Hang the bell on the door

It is not a must you be in the same room as your dog. Thus, it would be best if you ascertain your bell is loud and within reach of your dog.

Make sure it is hard and can’t break easily if your dog is capable of pushing the button, wireless bell. My dog gets frightened by the bells sound; what can I do? It is simple! Cover it with tapes to reduce the intensity of the sound.

As the dog gets used to the bell, you can gradually start removing the tape to increase the sound strength. In the end, your dog will no longer not bothered by voice; at this point, continue with the training.

Assist your dog in ringing the bell

Your dog cannot learn to ring the bell if you don’t aid it. Therefore, help it to the ring by gently lifting it every time you take it outside. Over time, tentatively, one month, your dog will get used to ringing the bell on its own.

What happens if my dog does not like outdoor adventures? You have to entice her with treats. They like gifts, you know! Then, you have a chance to start training.

Also, you can motivate her by rewarding her anytime she goes outside, mostly if she is still learning. And, there is no sure way of her than by the use of treats.

Let her outside when she rings the bell

You know you want to customize the psychology of your dog. So, you have to demonstrate to her that you notice every time she rings the bell. By letting her out, she will realize that the sound of the bell communicates to you she wants to go out.

Not letting her out leads to confusion, which is a negative trait in pet training. Dogs are friendly pets. They are happy if they earn your approval whenever they want to do anything. Don’t forget to reward her every time she rings the bell. You can do this for several weeks.

Use of leash technique

It is another recommendable method of training your dog to ask to go out. If you want to use this method, adhere to the following steps.

Keep her leash where she can easily access it

Here, we assume your dog already knows her leash. If so, you have to keep it in a place where she can get it without struggling. You see, the aim is to train her to bring it to you whenever she wants to go out.

What is the ideal place to put the leash? Place it next to the door. Also, for easy access, you can place it in a basket.

Help her to hold the leash

Here, you have to wait until your dog wants to go outside. Then, pick the leash and help her to hold. After this, you should ask it back from her. After receiving it from her, issue a ‘go’ command. Don’t forget to reward her.

You should then let her out. After repeating this several times, you will notice that she will be eager to bring the leash to you before going out. There are instances when she can drop the leash. Just help her to hold it with her mouth until she is used to it.

Walk away from her

It is the next step of the training. You will notice she is used to holding it while you are both at the door. If you see this, walk out slowly away from her. You will probably need the treat to encourage her to follow you.

Whenever, she follows you, reward her with a treat. She will associate the gift with her action. After repeating this process several times, your dog will be used to the routine. In the end, she will be able to follow you without you calling her.

Gradually increase the distance between you and the dog

You will use logic to understand the progress made in every step. You will realize when your dog gets used to the above routines. If you think she understands the game, gradually increase the distance between her and you. She will probably be following you.

Therefore, walk fast to ensure that there is a notable distance between you and her. She aims to bring the leash to you. She will also walk more quickly until she gets up with you.

Take the leash from her and allow her to go out. If your dog doesn’t like the fetch game, she might not like this step. You can motivate her by showing her treats.


Training your dog on how to ask for permission to go out is not as hard as some people think. It’s interesting! What’s more? The process increases social and emotional bonding between you and your dog.

However, you have to be patient. It requires a lot of repetition. The more you repeat, the more your dog will master the steps. You can choose any training method that is interesting to you and your dog. Hooray! You can now teach your dog how to ask for permission to go outside.

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