How to Train Your Dog to Find Truffles?

I never realized just how many different ways a dog and his owner can bond. Sometimes it’s immediate and lifelong no matter what the two get into.

Then there are those bonds where the dog needs a bit of encouragement to do some bonding. And just when I thought I had seen or heard it all, there is yet another way a dog and owner can be joined at the hip. When they go into business with each other.

Not a typo, I swear. We have probably all heard about dogs, especially German Shepherds, who are trained to do police work. Working for the cops is different from what I’m about to tell you.

You can train a dog, any dog, to find truffles! Again, no typo. I was floored when I started researching up for our article today. It is a very lucrative business you can start…with your dog.

Think about truffles, what they are, where they are, and how much they are. It begins to make sense. A fungus which closely resembles a mushroom, found in certain wooded areas. It’s an Ideal Atmosphere for a good hunting dog. But the price?

Maybe they are so pricey due to the fact that is one party involved who has abilities beyond truffle hunting. He can rip your arm off if he’s not happy with his profit margins!

So you want to go truffle hunting

There aren’t many tasks around a dog can’t be trained to do. Truffles are on the ‘Can Do’ list. It’s just like anything else you train your dog to do.

Just consider for a moment the dog is going to be hunting and finding something which can prove to be lucrative. You may want to limit the number of tasks you train the dog for. You do not want your four-legged treasure hunter to focus on but the task at hand. Finding truffles, and bringing said truffle to you.

A truffle hunter is not the type of dog you train to fetch newspapers, slippers, sticks, toys, or otherwise. There simply isn’t any money in those items!

Truffle training 101

Truffles are around $2500 per pound. To successfully train your dog to find truffles you will need two pounds…Just kidding! Truffles, premium-grade truffles, can go for upwards of $2500 per pound. Good news. You don’t need a single ounce to train your dog!

You will need some truffle oil. And truffle oil is very affordable. In fact, it is mostly olive oil. Olive oil with a few slivers of truffle settled in the bottom. It can be found at most of your high-end supermarkets.

Making a truffle oil diffuser

Next, purchase a small plastic bottle. One like a squeeze ketchup bottle at your local diner. You know the red one is ketchup, the yellow one is mustard. You also need one with a rather large opening. The Squeeze tip is not required.

When you get the bottle home, poke a few holes about as big around as a pencil. Put holes in the top, bottom, and a few around the middle of the bottle. Much like making an insect habitat when you were a kid.

Then load the bottle up with cotton balls each having been dunked in the truffle oil. You now have your dog’s truffle training tool!

Smell it… Go on… Smell it!

For the first day or so, never miss an opportunity to present the ‘truffle trainer’ to the dog’s nose. Some dogs actually have a taste for truffles. If you have one, don’t be surprised if he wants to chew the training bottle to get at what’s inside. It could simply be his way of collecting the profits!

It may also be a good idea to have more than one of the plastic bottles on hand. In case your dog chews the other one into shreds!

After the dog has been getting a good whiff of truffle oil, start playing fetch with the bottle. As he masters, the art of fetching, introduce new voice commands like, ‘drop’ or ‘stop’ These ‘truffle games’ should be practiced every day. No matter how much of an expert he appears to be.

Search and seizure

Take the dog to an are where there may or may not be truffles present. Start the fetching only do it a bit different. Play a bit of hiding and go seek with the bottle. Bury the bottle under some light brush, leaves, or dirt, not too much. Just enough to hide the bottle.

You may need an extra-human hand to do it right. Have someone restrain the dog while you ‘hide’ the bottle. Begin the search by leading the dog toward the hiding place and constantly ask him, ‘where is it?’

Keep hiding it in the same place over and over. Then bit by bit removes yourself from the search. You now have him searching on command.

When he gets good at it, and after you have rewarded him accordingly (treats) try hiding the bottle in different locations. Be very consistent in two areas. Commands, and treats. It’s now time to try him in the field!

Truffle hunt… Day one

Before you ever set foot in the hunting grounds, you need to be schooled. Don’t just go blindly into the woods expecting the dog to do all of the work. You need to hold up your end of the partnership.

You need to be the brains of the outfit, the dog is the muscle. Also, you need to know where to go, what time of day to go, what time of year to go, and so on. You have just as much training afoot as the dog does!

To make your first ‘hunt’ a success, do your homework. After all, it’s a two entity proprietorship.

In conclusion

Hopefully, now you are better informed as to how to train your dog to hunt truffles. As we mentioned, a dog can be trained to do almost anything. Just use lots of praise, patients, and treats!

I’m waiting for someone to guide me in training my dog to find my keys! Stupid humans!

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