How You Can Train Your Dog to Eat Slowly?

Dogs have different eating habits. Some of them eat very slowly, taking their time to enjoy every bite put in their mouth. However, some dogs will eat very fast. It can take a blink of an eye for such dogs to swallow all the food.

They do not even get a chance to notice what was served to them because of their greedy behavior. These dogs can be of different sizes and breeds.

Eating so fast can be very dangerous for your dog because they choke, which may lead to death. Eating so fast can also cause your dog to vomit.

Did you know that when your dog eats fast increases the chances of getting a medical condition known as bloat? Well, it does.

The condition was formally known as [Gastric Dilatation Volvulus GDV] the condition can be life-threatening to your makes the intestine to expand and twist within the abdomen no wonder so many dogs that eat fast go into shock quickly.

When your dog eats too fast, it takes in too much air together with the food causing the expansion of the stomach hence increasing the chances of bloat.

Whenever you notice that your dog is suffering from bloating due to eating an excessive amount of food you should take to a veterinarian immediately for a checkup.

For you to know whether your dog is suffering from bloat, it will start to retch, and it will vomit. You should note that when your dog is vomiting, it will mostly vomit foam instead of the food that it had eaten.

Why it is bad for the dog to eat too fast

If your dog eats its food very fast, it very likely that it rarely chew its food, if your dog is not chewing its food while eating then it can increase it being chocked by the food.

In many cases, when a dog eats too fast is a condition that is normally associated with food aggression, or it can be that it is guarding its resources.

In most cases, food aggressiveness has been associated with behavior such as snapping and lunging, especially when a person or another dog approaches when your dog is eating.

Dogs usually growl and stiffen their bodies if someone dares to approach their food bowl. Some other dogs will go to an extent pouncing on you.

If you are a doggy parent that has a dog with such traits, consider keeping your children safe from it because they may not understand the behavior of your dog. Addressing food aggression for your dog is very important.

How to train your dog to eat slowly

Considering the above risks that face your dog when it eats faster, you definitely can sit down and fold hands to watch your dog get to this serious medical condition.

You need to do something urgently before any of the above problems take a course on your dog. The following are ways on how you can encourage your dog to eat slowly.

Buying for them a slow feeder bowl

Slow feeder bowls are plates that have been modified to help dogs that have the habit of eating fast to reduce.

Slow feeder bowls are so many in the market which are available in different brands and are meant specifically for the dogs that eat too quickly. All of them are good for your dog.

It is always advisable that you read the reviews of these brands so that you get the best bowl that will soot the breed of your dog.

Apart from buying you can save on coast by making a homemade feeding bowl, by using two bowls to feed your dog.

Find one or two bowls that are larger than your normal dish and put them flat. Then take the normal feeding dish of your dog and put it upside down into the large bowl.

When you do this, you will notice that some spaces have been created by the two bowls. The gaps created will be enough for your dog to get food from them; you can now fill the dog’s food into it. These gaps will make your dog struggle while getting food hence making it slow its eating habit.

Use food puzzle toys

Using a food puzzle toy is one of the best ways that you can use to slow down the eating method of your dog.

The food puzzles are very similar to slow feeder bowls. They contain nooks and crannies that allow your dog’s food to fit into them.

When your dog is eating from them, it will make it very hard for your dog to take large gulps of food.

Food puzzle toys will train your dog on how to eat very slowly. There are so many food puzzles that are available in the market. It is up to you to decide which one you want for your dog. There those food puzzles that lie down on the flat that your dog can eat from it while it is still sleeping.

Use a cookie sheet or muffins pan to feed your dog

You have to spread the dog’s food in the cookie sheet. By spreading you will be making it hard for your dog to consume a lot of food at once, especially if your dog feeds on kibble.

Cookie muffins will force your dog to eat very tiny bits. Most of it will have to use its tongue to feed. Your dog will therefore adapt the training of eating slower.

When using a muffin pan, you fill each one of it with very little food for your dog to feed on.

However, your dog can easily get into muffin cups; this should not worry you because the food will be broken down into small portions that will reduce the eating habit of your dog.

Using your hands to feed your dog

Dogs have a different personality. Some dogs love to be feed with hands while others don’t. It is good that sometimes you use your dog’s favorite meal to treat it every time it follows your instructions.

Break your training procedure to make it simple for your dog to understand. You should never punish your dog because it is not following your instructions. Finally, you should be patient with your dog and be consistent in your training; eventually, you will enjoy the result.

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