I Think My Dog Wants to Kill Me

Dogs are one of the lovely pets you can consider to bring to your home. If you have a pup in your home, you will have a great companion. Although your dog will play with you, they cannot talk to tell their displeasure when you hurt them. So for them to communicate back, they use gestures and signs. 

For you to think that your dog wants to kill you, there must be enough signs pointing to that. Your puppy must show some changes by being aggressive. The following are reasons why your pups can decide to attack you, making you think they want to kill you. 

Less Bonding

Your dog needs to spend quality time with you to build trust and enjoy petting. If you fail to spare some time for them, they will view you as a stranger and attack you in protest. Your furry friend can decide to intentionally block your way when you are in a rush making your trip or miss a step. In case you fall, you can injure vital organs in the body, which can make you fear. For you to conclude your dog wants to kill you, the attacks might be frequent. To stop your dog from such behavior, spend more time with them.

Frustrations from the Owner

When your puppy faces constant frustrations, they will want to vent it out. If you are the one frustrating them, then you will be their target. Naturally, dogs are social creatures, so when you keep taking them in their cages forcefully or lock them away when with visitors, they will be unhappy. To cover up for their frustrations, they can time you when you are resting and put their paws around your mouth in an attempt to suffocate you. 

Your pups can even bite you when you set them free from their bondage.

Poor Training

You have to train your dog on everything you want them to do. It would be best if you taught them how to be obedient and follow orders faithfully. If your furry friend lacks obedience training that makes them socialize with you, chances of them following your orders are low.

It’s recommended that you allow a puppy to socialize with at least 100 people when they are around 3-12 weeks old to be gentle and tolerant.

For Protection

Dogs know how to protect their territory and their possession well. If your dog is nursing their pups, they become overprotective. If you try separating them, they will react in protest to protect their loved ones. Your dog will mercilessly attack you, not minding if you are the owner. Most probably, they will bite or paw you as a sign of anger and for protection. To know when they are about to attack, check at how keen they look at you directly in the eye without fear.

Genetic Composition

Maybe your dog’s parents were the aggressive type. If this is the case, then the likelihood of their parent’s genes being dominant in your puppy is very high. Your dog will thrive in attacking you at will, which they don’t have control over. Some dog breeds are also aggressive, so if you buy an aggressive pup who sees you as prey, they will want to attack you.

Constant Punishment and Bullying by the Owners

It is not bad to punish your dog when they wrong you but make it a regular beating, and your pups will get fed up. If you punish your dog because of your own reasons which they cannot understand, you will be sparking anger in them.

Some people also love to bully their dogs, especially men. If you are one of them, then your dog will want to teach you a lesson. Your puppy will not be happy with the constant bullying and punishment they receive from you, prompting them to react by attacking to kill you. This is because you confuse them while beating and bullying them, so they view you as enemies. 

Bottom Line

Before you think of your dog wanting to kill you, there must be signs. Your dog cannot attack you without a good reason, so to prevent you from getting killed, look at the cause of their action. If you can work on the cause, it will be better. But if you can’t look at the ways you can get rid of the dog. 

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