Fun Facts About Irish Red and White Setter Dogs

One of the most popular dog breeds is the Irish Setter. This god originates from Ireland and comes in either red or white. The appearance of an Irish Setter is similar to most other dogs in terms of its size.

However, it does have distinct features such as its fury body with a thick coat and long ears that face downward. Its appearance is part of what makes it a very popular dog.

The Irish Setter is an ideal family pet as well as for individuals who are looking for a dog that is loyal and friendly. As with any other dog, there are some fun and interesting facts about the Irish setter that people should keep in mind when looking to get this particular dog breed.

Irish Setters weren’t always red

Irish setters are widely known for having a distinctive red coat. However, this dog breed didn’t always have red hair. When the dog began its existence, it was bred for hunting and was in both red and white.

The color pattern allowed the dog to be more easily seen out in the field. The breed was then often displayed at dog shows. As a result, it went from being red and white just to read to be more appealing to viewers.

Today, the Irish setter is predominately red but also comes in all white and a combination of red and white.

Irish Setters mature more slowly

One of the unique things about Irish setters is that they are quite slow to mature. Their physical growth is faster than their behavioral development. As a result, a full-grown Irish setter will still act like a puppy for a while.

This can be both beneficial and a hassle for many dog owners. Those who want a dog with a youthful personality will enjoy an Irish setter.

However, dog owners that don’t an immature dog will have difficulty accepting the slow development of maturity. When an Irish setter does mature, they become intelligent dogs but can remain stubborn at times.

Distinct from field Irish Setters

While the Irish Setter is one breed, they are often distinguished between hunting dogs and ones that participate in dog shows. Irish setters that are involved in dog shows are usually larger and have coats that are thicker and heavier.

Gun dogs are smaller and slimmer, which allows them to be more agile in the field. So there are two breeds in one with the Irish setter. Depending on a dog owners’ preferences, they will want to choose either the hunting or show dog when looking to get this particular breed.

The first Irish Setter in the US was named Elcho

A man named Charles Turner brought the first Irish setter to America in 1870. The dog’s name was Elcho. When Elcho arrived in America, there was a lot of interest in the Irish setter within a short period.

By 1876, Elcho became the first Irish setter that won a dog championship in the United States. Elcho was the first dog to use for breeding as he was responsible for 197 puppies and establishing the breed in America.

Irish bus company uses setter as a mascot and logo

In Ireland, there is a bus company called Bus Eireann. As the national bus of Ireland, Bus Eireann has the Irish setter as both its mascot and logo.

According to the bus entity, the dog logo represents friendliness, reliability, and speed in which the bus company wants to serve the community.

With this logo, the bus company can provide the public with a symbol of trustworthiness and satisfaction when using their bus line. The dog breed represents the character of the bus company.

Many US presidents owned one

There are at least three American presidents who have owned an Irish setter. While they were serving in the White House, these presidents would often enjoy the company of the Irish setter while they were living their daily lives in the office. Harry Truman was one of the presidents to own an Irish Setter.

His dog was named Mike. Another well-known president who owned an Irish setter was Ronald Reagan, who owned a female named Peggy. The most famous president to own an Irish setter was Richard Nixon.

His Irish setter was named King Timahoe or Tim. This Irish setter was one of many dog breeds that President Richard Nixon and his family-owned.

Irish setter was Cesar Millan’s first dog

The host of the show Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan is widely known for owning two pit bulls. However, the first dog he ever owned was an Irish setter.

Millan had a physician neighbor who also owned an Irish setter as well. Millan was given a puppy from the dog’s litter. Once receiving the Irish setter puppy, Cesar Millan named his new dog Saluki.

The pace university mascot is an Irish Setter

Pace University has an athletic program whose mascot is an Irish Setter. The university names its teams the Setters.

While the name refers to numerous dog breeds such as the English, Gordon, and red and white setters, its appearance is of the Irish setter. With its color red, the mascot of the university is officially the Irish setter.

One of the Beach Boys owned an Irish Setter

When the Beach Boys were at their peak popularity, the guitarist Carl Wilson owned an Irish setter that he named Shannon. In the mid-1970s, Shannon died, which inspired the band to write a song about the dog and its death.

The band released the single titled Shannon, which became a hit song that went gold in both the United States and Canada.

Disney made a movie about an Irish Setter

In the 1960s, Disney made a film about an Irish Setter that became very popular. It was titled Big Red, which was about the dog rebelling against the lifestyle of show dogs.

The Irish Setter rebelled against its owner to live a more meaningful life. During the movie, the Irish Setter Big Red befriends a young boy who is understanding of the dog’s preference for an independent lifestyle.

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