Fun Facts About Irish Setter Dogs

Irish setter history

Irish setter dog breed came to existence as gundogs in Ireland. Its popularity later spread to the US following its exemplary features.

The dogs belonging to this breed are curious, mischievous, and friendly with high levels of energy. The dogs make best family friends, and they have the potential to perform in various activities and canine sports.

Irish setter requires that you give a good night’s sleep in its customized Irish setter. The dog is a medium-large breed with unlimited love and energy.

This dog breed is regarded as a talented gun dog. It prioritizes affectionate with family members and field activities, therefore, making it the best hunting dog and family pet.

Irish Setter dog breed size

Irish setter dog breed is a medium-sized breed, ranging from 25-27 inches by height and weighs about 27 to 32 kilograms. The dog is tall and has an elegant appearance with a long neck and legs. Its ears are also long, and they hang.

The dog also has a moderate muzzle having a stop at the forehead. This dog breed’s impression is elegance and glamour, although it has some drooling and pendulous lips. Irish setter breed lives for approximately 12-14 years.

Irish setter personality

The Irish setter is an affectionate, fun-loving, and playful dog that is always having fun with everyone. The dog tends to be mischievous at times.

The Irish setter is an outgoing dog and likes hanging out with the family, for instance, in hikes. The dog breed makes the best watchdog as it is always ready to protect its family when necessary.

However, Irish setters are the best watchdogs, and they are aggressive to visitors as they will always bark to them to notify you. This dog breed matures slowly as they tend to retain their puppy characteristics for several years or even throughout their life.

The temperament of this dog breed is affected by various factors like socialization, training, and heredity. When the Irish setter is a puppy, it tends to be playful and curious and willing to approach family members to hold them.

Just like any other dog breed, Irish setters require early socialization. You can easily achieve this by subjecting your dog to different sounds, people, and experiences when they are still young. Allowing your Irish setter to socialize early will help it to grow as a well-rounded dog.

Ensure that you enroll your puppy in a kindergarten class for them to have a great start. You should also ensure that you invite visitors frequently, various stores, and parks that allow dogs hence promotes socialization.

Given that Irish setter matures slowly and maintains its puppy-like features throughout its life. This makes this dog breed curious and playful always; however, at times, the dog may tend to develop rough play skills.

Breeding as always been the most vital for the Irish setter through early training and socialization. This dog breed gets along with children easily and other pets like cats and other dogs.

Irish setter living

In this case, the essential consideration is grooming. Ensure that you take your time daily to check for debris that needs regular brushing like thrice a week. However, you should always ensure that grooming is consistent.

Following the fact that the Irish setter is a hunting breed dog, it, therefore, requires extensive exercise that is vital to making the dog happy and the best companion to the family members. Despite getting your Irish setter involved in with daily runs, they also require training.

The Irish Setter dog breed is a bright dog that enjoys working with the family members. However, when training the Irish setter, you have to be gentle and consistent. Always train your Irish setter to have better discipline accompanied by some sense of humor as it will make your dog behave well.

Most Irish Setters compete fairly n dog sports as they perform well in hunting tests and obedience.
Irish setter cannot make the best watchdog, although it can act as an alarm when strangers invade through barking.

However, Irish Setters offers the best family companion and make effective and reliable family dogs, but they can be turbulent with toddlers. This implies that some socialization is vital when the dogs are young because they tend to be shy.

Irish Setter care

Irish setter dog breed, which loves to live in areas that are well and largely fenced. This dog breed requires a large space for exercise, like running. This is because the breed is a hunting dog; therefore, it must be contained in a well-fenced area to restrain the dog from wandering off.

The dog can easily live indoors with its family, but it never likes it when left alone in the backyard.

Irish Setter dog breed requires a 60-minute exercise daily. Such exercises should involve long runs because this dog breed is best in offering jogging companion, and it can also enjoy running alongside the owner cycling.

Ensure that you engage your Irish settler in long walks, swimming, playing fetch, and even hunting. Through such activities, you will have involved your dog in inadequate exercise a day.

Irish setter dog breed requires different exercises throughout their life. The exercise required by these dogs depends on their age. For instance, puppies that are eight weeks to 4 months of age require frequent exercise and more socialization, and some time to play in the yard in the morning and evening.

Irish Setter grooming and color

This dog breed has a beautiful coat. The breed has a fine and short coat on the head and forelegs. It also has a mahogany coat that is averagely straight and long on the rest of the body.

The breed further has long and silky feathering ears. Ensure that you trim your Irish setter regularly to clean its neck and enhance the natural outline of its legs.

If you have Irish Setter, ensure that you brush it every day to maintain its coat clean and shiny. Additionally, while brushing your Irish setter, check for debris in its ears and clean it.

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