Is My Dog Crying Tears?

Teardrops in your dog’s eyes

It is so easy to assume that your dog is crying when you see that tear on his or her face. That means something is wrong if they are crying.

We put them into our lap and pet them, talk to them sweetly and try to console them. What if I were to tell you that those are no tears being shed due to emotions? Yes, dogs can show us emotion, usually by wagging their tail or jumping up and down.

So, if you happen to see tears in their eyes, it would probably be best to make a visit to the vet. If a dog has a tear or clumpy goo in their eye, it is a sign of something that is wrong.

Tear ducts

Humans have tear ducts, so do dogs. The difference is that for a dog, the tear ducts work the opposite. In the dog’s tear duct, the water is pushed back to the nose and throat area.

When the tear duct is blocked, however, the liquid will flow outwards appearing as tears. You will need to visit the vet if this continues for more than one day.


If the liquid is more of mucus, yellow color, or even bloody looking, these are signs of an infection. The area surrounding the eye may be swollen or the white part of the eye is instead red. Take your precious puppy to the vet so it can be checked and medicine given to make sure your baby is feeling better.

Dust or dirt

If you have been outdoors running through the grass and dirt with your dog while playing, it is quite possible that a piece of grass, a speck of dirt, or dust may have fluttered into the eye when running or rolling around in the yard.

To check for the issue, you can very gently lift the upper eyelid and the lower to check for the offending item. The eye can also be gently flushed with cool water. Not a forceful spray, like that, will definitely hurt your dog’s eye.

Your vet will also be able to supply you with an eyewash that can be used. If the flushing does not seem to help, you should phone your vet, cover the eye with a patch, and take your dog in to see their doctor. The vet is better trained to remove the obstruction.


Dogs can suffer from allergies basically the same way that we humans do. There is possibly going to be other signs of allergies affecting your baby. Hives, swelling, and sneezing are just a few.

When you take your dog to the vet, they can run tests to determine what the allergy is from. This may help to eliminate the allergen from around the pet and the surroundings.

Scratched cornea

Dogs with a scratched cornea are more common than you would imagine. For those dogs who are highly active and love playing, especially with other dogs, it is possible they have been scratched by the other dog, a blade of grass, or a small twig on the ground.

Vet visit

If you have checked for all possibilities, then it is time to let the vet do the job. They have the knowledge and medical tools needed to help your dog in this time of need.


What appears to be teardrops are actually teardrops. They come from the same place a human’s teardrops come. However, this does not mean that a dog is crying from sadness.

Dogs have different ways in which to show their emotions. These teardrops could be caused by overproducing tear ducts.

A dog’s tears will discolor their coats in a way to be obvious that there is the fluid being released from the tear duct.

Signs a dog gives

There are a few signs that a dog will give you when there is something wrong with one of their eyes. First, they may tilt their head. When they tilt their heads it will be with the eye bothering them in the uppermost direction.

Another way to tell is if your dog has her head down and appears to be pawing at her eye. This is an action you want to stop as quickly as possible to prevent any more damage being done.

You may also notice that your dog is blinking much more often and avert their eyes away from you.

Your job

There are obvious things you can do to help. First, check to see if there is any particle in the eye, flush the eye gently. If this does not seem to help, cover the eye with a patch, and visit the vet.

At all other times, be sure to clean the area around your dog’s eyes routinely, just as you give her a bath. If your vet prescribes eye drops, please be sure to give them as directed.

Dog depression

It is possible that your dog is going through a depression. There are signs to watch for this also. Again, those tears are not tears from sadness. There is likely a foreign object causing pain.

As far as sadness, you can watch for your dog to sleep a lot, their appetite will lessen and they will seem to hideaway. They will also seem to lick their paws continuously and have no interest in the activities you enjoy together. This behavior too should be checked by your vet.

The vet will make sure there is nothing wrong health-wise. Then it is a matter left to you. Take your dog for a walk, try to get her to play. Maybe an extra treat or so may help her to cheer up.

Your dog will behave in odd ways when they are depressed, and this depression will fall under the illness category.

Seriously speaking, your dog tells you something is wrong in the best way that they are able to, from there they rely on us as their owners to make it all better.

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