Is My Dog Cute? When to Worry

When talking about dog cuteness there are several factors that fall into place. All dogs are cute but their cuteness will differ from one dog to another As much as you find your dog cute, at times you get to worry whether other people find him cute too.

The treatment which your dog receives will oftentimes depend on how cute he is. The majority of people will treat a dog nicely because he is cute or the cute stuff he does.

Therefore you will often worry whether your dog is cute enough to receive good treatment. Always remember cuteness in dogs is not all about looks but several other factors. If you have been having worries about whether your dog is cute enough. Here are some ways to know.

Look at what your dog loves doing

Dogs love doing various acts and those acts are what most people could regard as cute. If your dog loves to snuggle and you adore some snuggles. Then most people will regard your dog as cute too.

If a friend comes over to your house and sees you on the sofa cuddling or having some snuggles with your dog, you will hear some positive comments.

Even your family members will always find snuggles from a dog to be cute. Therefore if you are wondering what you can regard as cute in your dog, watch what he loves doing.

Your dog’s behavior after eating

After having a meal, most dogs will want to poop after ten to thirty minutes. If he signals you to let him go outside or rushes to his poop place. Then your dog’s actions are cute.

Dogs who respect living space and never get to dirty their environment are oftentimes seen as cute. Also, dogs who love to take some time off after a meal and relax can be seen as cute dogs.

If your dog is a sleepy dog after meals. Don’t worry most people will view him as cute too.

Size of the dog

They say cute stuff comes in small packages. Most small dogs often stand out as cute. The reason could be because they are easy to carry around and even play with. Also in case of the dog becoming aggressive, most times he won’t look as scary as a big dog.

However, cuteness in sizes is all about what you prefer as a pet mother. If you love big dogs who also happen to be the best cuddle mates. Then according to you, your dog is cute because he can give you enough protection and also cuddle you during those cold nights.

The color of your dog will also go into determining the cuteness level of your dog. If you have a dog whose color you love. There is nothing else you require to term your dog as cute. How comfortable you are with how your dog looks should be enough for you.

Ask yourself simple questions like, do I feel happy whenever I look at my dog? Is my family happy around my dog? Are my babies safe around my dog? Well, those should be enough to let you know you are dealing with a whole load of cuteness.

Whether your dog is calm or aggressive

Well, an aggressive dog will always come out as antisocial. If you have family around or friends who come over often, they might ask you to lock him away. Your dog is more like family and whenever there are people around, he should be able to interact with them freely.

However, if your dog is making people away from your home rather than in your home. Then your dog needs some behavioral therapy otherwise he will never come out as cute. How your dog relates to people gets to determine how cute they think he is.

Most times a dog with a calm personality comes out as cute. Such a dog is easy to associate with and many people would love to have a play with him. Calm dogs rarely get aggressive unless there is a reason behind their aggressiveness.

For example, if someone wants to injure them, they might want to protect themselves. So if your dog is very calm, then he is a cute dog and probably other people love him too.

However, always remember calm does not mean boring. Learn to differentiate the two.

Does your dog love playing and going on walks?

There are various reasons why people get dogs. Some want a guard dog, therapy dog but others just want a companion. You should be able to establish whether your dog is playing the role which made you bring him home in the first place.

If you were looking for a playmate, your dog should be playful enough for your liking. Also, if you were looking for a dog you can run or walk with, then the dog you have should be able to offer you those needs.

You just don’t know how many people view your dog as cute whenever you step out for a run with him. Others might be kind enough to pass a compliment but you should know to most the two of you look cute together.

Another act would be how playful your dog is. If he can be a good animal brother to your baby. Then worry not, your dog is cute.

The sight of your dog playing with your baby will always be melting to the hurt. Some dogs can stay by a baby whenever they cry and try to make them calm down. Such cute acts could make anyone fall in love with such a dog. If your dog can deliver on such acts, he is cute enough, don’t worry.

How your puppy feeds

Most times if your dog is a puppy and he feeds from a feeding bottle. The sight is more like watching your baby feed from their bottle too. You should always note, cuteness in dogs comes in various forms.

The little stuff which might not capture others might be what makes your dog cute. Above all, if your dog makes you happy, then he is the cutest.

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