Is My Dog Dead, or Is He Joking?

In 1957, a movie called “Old Yeller”, produced by Disney is about a stray dog befriending a young boy and his loving family. Old Yeller was strong, healthy, and full of life, even though he was a stray.

Unfortunately, Old Yeller was exposed to rabies and had to be put down. In real life, it is hard to cope with something like that, especially for a pet owner.

Learning through Old Yeller, any dog owner will know the joys of having his best pal around, protecting the household, and having unconditional love. The movie also teaches you what to expect if your dog may be dying.

How can my dog die?

Dogs are strong creatures that can endure just about anything you throw at him. Similar to people, dogs also have a biological clock that is ticking every day, waiting to expire. If your dog consumes chocolate then he can get severely sick and possibly die.

Other ways like dehydration, physical abuse, or isolation can also cause death for a dog. To prevent this from happening, just take care of your dog. Give your dog the right amount of attention, affection, and care to have a long life.

Is my dog really dying?

Your dog is special. Even though he cannot talk to you like an average person, he can still express his feelings for you towards you.

Dogs can even display emotions that can indicate special attention, like getting sick or injured. The best way to know if your dog has fallen severely ill or dying is through observation of his daily activity.

What is death?

The dictionary version of death is a permanent ending of all vital signs in the body. In reality, death is being absent from the body and mind. There are plenty of ways of dying if you are a human or an animal.

In some cases, death is viewed as being released from your physical prison and spiritually being present with a Higher Power. Death can also come across as a comforting and blissful feeling.

Latter of the matter, death can also be scary and intimidating. People fear death and how it may feel.

Some people do not accept death and loathe in the final days. For animals, we can only see the pain they endure, if any, before they die. We do not exactly know how they feel, let alone where they go in the afterlife.

Individuals that have died and came back to life described the death as total bliss and a quiet sensation. You feel your senses slip away, and everything becomes one consistent dream. Scientists and researchers generated a possible theory that experiencing death may be through suffocation.

Your brain will lack oxygen and throughout the body, shutting down vital organs. Within 10 to 20 seconds the brain begins to lose a sense of self and experience suffocation. Generally, the idea of dying should be painless, however, every case is different.

How can I tell if my dog is dying?

Dogs have specific ways of showing signs that death is approaching. One major way to tell if your dog is dying is if he has a chronic disease or cancer, and the medication provided is not helping.

Another option to consider is if your dog is displaying a lack of their diet and excessive sleeping. Generally, the cause of these symptoms will be either sickness or age.

Can my dog feel death before it happens?

Having a near-death experience is the only thing that we can experience and be able to live and discuss the feeling of death. For a near-death experience, you may feel sensations of serenity, absolute dissolution, or security and warmth. For a dog, we do not know if they share similar near-death feelings.

Although not being able to verbally explain those feelings, your dog can still display possible signs of approaching death. Showing a lack of interest with their food, becoming slowing or not having enough energy, and excessive sleeping can be possible warning signs for your dog dying.


Euthanizing your pet is not a fun journey to embark on. As a pet owner, there will call a time where you will have to make a challenging decision for your pet. Old Yeller contracted rabies through a bite from a rabid animal.

Given the time frame of the story, vaccinations for rabies were not easily accessible. Because of what happened to Old Yeller, he had to be put down to prevent the spread of rabies affecting the family.

The decision was hard to put down a beloved dog, however, based on the circumstances in the situation, the family had no choice but to euthanatize him.

In reality, if your dog is having problems eating, staying hydrated, controlling bodily functions, and is experiencing labored breathing, then euthanizing your dog may be the only option.

After proper examination, your dog may be battling a chronic disease. The possibility of the chronic disease not being controlled with medication, or solved through surgery can raise a concern for your dog’s wellbeing.

Depending on the given circumstances, euthanizing is considered an option. In the end, putting your dog down is not an easy decision to make. However, always consider your pet and the realistic chances of him surviving.

How can I keep my dog alive?

Keeping your dog alive through daily exercise and monitoring his diet is the most recommendable option to choose.

Different breeds have special diets catered to their size and genetic background. Even training your dog to not beg for scraps at dinner time can help reduce potential health risks through table food, and giving in to the temptation of feeding them something unhealthy.

Another way to keep your dog alive is to stay on top of their mental health. It is vital to understand what can make your dog happy, sad, or have an anxiety attack.

Play therapy works well with your dog if he is having a hard time bonding with you or the family.

It also provides your dog a chance to openly express himself while getting a great workout in. Through play therapy, you will be able to learn more about your dog and the little quirks that make them special to you.

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