10 Signs Your Dog Is Exhausted

Is My Dog Exhausted?

Your dog is the only family member who will not complain when she is exhausted. An exhausted dog posses a great danger to your family and the health of your dog. It is essential to be so close to your dog so that you can learn how it behaves in different situations. This is the only way that can help you know that your dog is exhausted.

In case you are walking or exercising with your dog, you need to take a break when it’s exhausted. There are so many ways in which you can tell that your dog is exhausted. This is because it will start to show different signs and symptoms as a result of exhaustion. To be in a better position, check ion the following signs and symptoms.


This is one of the obvious things that your dog will do when it is exhausted. Yawning does not only show that your dog is exhausted but also hungry, stressed, and uneasy. When your dog starts yawning and you have been exercising with it for a very long time, then it exhausted. You need to take a break so that your dog can get some rest for some minutes before continuing.

Excessive panting

The other thing that can tell you that your dog is so much exhausted is excessive panting. Usually, your dog pants as a way of cooling itself, especially when it is too hot. You must be aware of your dog’s usual panting so that you can realize any changes that may occur. When your dog is panting excessively, you will recognize that the panting rate is more substantial than the usual. This shows that your dog is exhausted and needs to rest and cool off.

Less responsiveness

When your dog is fresh, it responds very quickly when you call its name. This is because it is very active and hence the active responsiveness. Any changes in the responsiveness if your dog shows that they have become less active. When you call out for the name of your dog, it will take some time before it responds. This will clearly show that your dog is exhausted. Too much exhaustion makes your dog forget all the commands that it is used to, even the simple ones. Also, if it has no distraction, it is very hard for it to respond. When your dog takes a break, then things will be back to normal. Its responsiveness becomes better.

Vomiting and diarrhea

Most of the people do not love keeping track of their dog’s stools. It is also tough to tell when their dog ha vomited. These are some of the things that you need to keep track of when you own a dog. When your dog is exhausted, it sweats so much. As a result of too much sweating, your dog becomes dehydrated. This is because it loses so much water in the form of sweat. An exhausted dog will begin to diarrhea or vomit due to the dehydration it is experiencing.

Change in the color of the tongue or gum

Do you look in your dog’s mouth frequently? When was the last time you did it? Most of the people do not do this, although it is very necessary. You must know the natural color of your dog’s gum and tongue. If there are changes, it will only take a look to know it. The color of the gum and tongue of your dog will change to blue or bright red when it is exhausted. This is easier to note, but only if you keep track of your dogs’ gum and tongue color.

Excessive thirst

This is one of the signs that most people notice when their dogs are ill. However, it is a sign that your dog is exhausted. When you train your dog in a very hot environment, it gets too hot and tired at the same time. As a result, your dog will want to cool off and also take some rest. Once your dog does not complain, it will be tempted to take more water than the usual amounts. When your dog begins to do this, it is time for you to let it take some rest.

Lack of interest in exercise

Most of the dogs are very playful and active. When you are walking, they will walk ahead of you at a reasonable speed. They will also want to jump from one place to another. However, when your dog is exhausted, it will tend to resist when you want to have any exercise with it. This is because your dog will want to rest instead of playing. Therefore, give your dog some time to rest before you begin exercising when you notice that it has no interest in the exercises.


One of how your dog can rest is by letting it sleep. When your dog is exhausted, it finds it very difficult to walk, especially in a straight line. An exhausted dog will bump into the furniture or will want to sleep anywhere they are. This is because the exhaustion has made them lightheaded. Unless your dog gets some rest, the dizziness cannot be over.


When your dog is exhausted, it loses so much strength all at ones. This makes your dog very weak, and as a result, it begins to fall and gets issues to stand. At times your dog will collapse loses its consciousness and faints. This will only take place when your dog is excessively exhausted.

Loss of appetite

Dogs are known to be petite at all times. However, there are exceptional times when your dog does not have an appetite. This is when your dog is either ill or exhausted. When your dog is exhausted, it will not eat the usual amounts of food it takes. You will notice that it will not run when it sees you bring the food. This is because all your dog requires is rest. Unless your dog rests, it will lose its appetite.

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