7 Ways to Determine If Your Dog’s Food Is Safe

Is my dog food safe?

When you are eating, you want to eat the healthiest and most nutritious food possible. At least most of the time. As a pet owner, you should want the same thing for your pet. You want them to have the healthiest and cleanest food possible. Although it can be kind of difficult to find safe dog food because a lot of companies try to cut costs. So, they will fill their products with a bunch of unnecessary and unhealthy fillers. Luckily, there are some safe and healthy options out there. Here is how you can find a safe but tasty brand food for your four-legged friend.

Think About What Your Dog Needs

Just like people are different, so are dogs. They have different needs depending on their age, activity levels, and overall health. You will want to consider their breed and behavior as well. Some breeds are much more active than others. The more active that a dog is, the more calories they are burning. This means that they will need to have a higher calorie food. Puppies and mothers will also require more calories. Older dogs will require fewer than others. The more active dogs will need more calories, which they can get from potato-based and other carb-filled foods. Certain foods are formulated for specific breeds. However, most of them are just created for large and small breed dogs. The main difference between these foods is mostly in the size of the kibble.

Talk to People About It

Dogs are a great conversation starter. Most dog owners, even if they aren’t that friendly, will be happy to talk about dogs. You should try to get as many different opinions as you can when it comes to dog food. The best thing that you can do is talk to your vet. However, you can also talk to your friends who own the same type of dog. If you don’t have any friends that have the same type of dog, look on the internet and try to find forums for people that have the same breed.

Learn to Read the Labels

Reading the labels is one of the most important things that you should do when it comes to purchasing dog food. There are even words that should be avoided. Words like dinner, nuggets, entree, platter, and formula should all be avoided. If a type of food has these words in the name, it means that it only contains 25% of the protein that it is needed to be considered real dog food.

Brands of food who have simple names like “Chicken for Dogs” or something similar are made up of nearly 100% protein. You also need to look at what way the ingredients are listed. Meat must be the first thing on the list of ingredients. A lot of cheap foods will try to put a grain, vegetable, or tuber as the first ingredient because it is a lot cheaper. Corn is an ingredient that is commonly found in dog food, and it isn’t bad for dogs. It just does not offer a lot of nutritional value.

Research Every Brand

Every brand will be different. One might promote their high protein, low carb food. While another will focus more on the packaging. You must research every brand. Each brand will try to appeal to the customer with nice advertising. However, you need to find an unbiased source and determine if this food is the right one for your pup.

Try Different Things

What works for one dog may not work for another one. That is why you must try different things and see what works best for your canine. Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems or even allergies. If this is the case, you will want to avoid whatever is causing the reaction. Many dog food companies offer samples or trial sizes, so you don’t need to commit to a huge bag.

Know That It May Change Over Time

A puppy has different needs than an adult dog. While an old dog has different needs than a regular adult dog. You must change their food based on their needs. It is recommended that you rotate through a few different diets every two to six months if you are feeding them commercial dog food. Feeding your dog the same thing can not only lead to boredom, but it is also believed to cause allergies and some other diseases.

Decide on a Food

After you have done your research and talked to fellow dog owners, it is time to decide on a type of food. You will want to choose something that your dog enjoys eating. However, you want to make sure it is made out of natural, healthy foods. Many people will not want to spend an outrageous amount of money on food either. So, you must take all of these different things into consideration. You should also consider where you are getting your food from. You will want to get it from somewhere that has regular shipments so that you know it is as fresh as possible.


Food is important for humans, as well as pets. It is what gives them plenty of energy so they can grow and play. Dogs are going to eat whatever you put in front of them. That is why you must do your research to make sure you are giving them the best food possible. You might have to try a few different brands before you can find something that works. Although there are plenty of options available so you may have to try a few before you find one that they enjoy.

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