Is My Dog Getting Enough Exercise? How to Know

Every dog needs exercise it doesn’t matter what breed it is, from Chihuahuas to San Bernardos, dogs must have an exercise routine to keep them healthy and most importantly happy.

Even though dogs can’t talk they might give you signs that they are not getting enough exercise. Some of these signs are weight gain, depression, your dog is not getting enough sleep and many other signs that might be strange and some of them may disguise as normal behavior.

Keep in mind every dog has a different personality but sometimes it is not normal to whine, bark a lot, and destroying your house should not be normal behavior.

So here are some ways to know your dog is not getting enough exercise.

Keep track of his weight

The normal weight of a dog depends on the type of breed of your dog, bigger dogs need to exercise more while small dogs just need a walk to the park.

Gaining weight tends to be related to eating a lot and not exercising enough but there might be underlying health issues that you’re not aware of so.

It is important to check up with the vet to make sure your dog is gaining weight because he’s not getting enough exercise or because he’s not burning the excess of calories that he is consuming. A proper diet combined with the right amount of exercise should get your dog a healthy lifestyle.

Depressed dog

Dogs like humans have feelings too and believe it or not they can also get depressed. The lack of exercise is one of the main reasons and causes of depression in a dog.

Depression can be confused as the dog is tired or bored, but if this is something that has become a habit then he might be depressed.

Depression on dogs can be easily treated with the right amount of attention and an effective exercise routine like a walk at the park, playing at your backyard, training commands, fetch, or simply by joining your run routine.

He’s destroying the house

Destroying the house is also a sign of lack of exercise, sometimes we think that is because they are bored or just because they are naughty but this is a very common way for a dog to ask for attention.

Basically your dog is telling you that he has a lot of energy and it’s time to do some exercise. Prevent house destruction by providing your best friend some attention and more importantly a proper exercise routine.

Your dog is not getting enough sleep

Dogs as humans need to get enough sleep time, rest is the key to having a happy dog and healthy dog, so what a better way to sleep well but to make exercise during the day.

Some dogs might have difficulty sleeping when they haven’t drained their energy, even dogs that are at the home all day and don’t seem to move out of their place or look tired need to sleep well.

If you notice that your dog is constantly waking up or his naps are very quick that means that he needs to make some exercise so he can feel more relaxed during the day and during his sleeping time.

Your dog is being annoying

Is your dog making you lose your mind? Then your dog definitely needs to do some exercise! Dogs can get to your nerves too! sometimes they just want to be on top of you or they simply act like they are crazy.

For some reason they want to get all the attention possible and being all over you is a way for grabbing your attention.

If your dog is constantly doing this then you might want to take him to the park and let him walk a little bit, play fetch, or any other activity that you think he might like. The main objective is to drain all the energy that he has accumulated.

He’s trying to communicate with you (he’s very vocal)

Barking and whining are one of the most obvious ways to know he needs more exercise. If you notice that every time you grab your keys, go outside or any activity that might involve going out and your dog starts whining or barking like crazy is simply because he is desperate to go outside and take a walk.

Whining and baking also occur suddenly, maybe you are watching tv, doing dinner, reading a book, or other simple things and you notice your dog is being vocal is simply because your dog is trying to tell you something.

Hopefully, you found these tips useful and now you know that if your dog is acting strangely like being extremely vocal, annoying, destroying the house, restless, or the most obvious he is gaining weight, you know that he needs to do some kind of exercise.

The amount of exercise that a dog needs vary from dog to dog. The breed has a high impact on the number of daily exercise routines.

For example breeds like Australian Shepherd, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Dalmatians just to mention some of them are dogs that need to be active and constantly doing some kind of activity. On the other hand breeds like Chihuahuas, Pugs, Chow Chow, French Bulldogs are dogs that require less exercise.

It doesn’t matter if your dod is big or small, exercise is the key for a healthy dog. Let’s keep in mind that dogs can also get depressed, overweight, or both in a worst-case scenario, it is very important to check with you vet the amount of food.

And exercise that your dog needs on a daily basis to keep him healthy and happy. Give your best friend the life he deserves and pay attention to any weird behavior, this is Avery good way to know that your dog needs more exercise.

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