Is My Dog Jealous? How to Know

If you have a dog that is starting to act abnormally, it is important for you to find out why. There are a lot of reasons that your dog could start to act differently.

One of the most common yet ultimately benign reasons as jealousy. This can even be a little cute to some people. If your dog is acting jealous over you, it means that they love you and consider you there.

Although it can be a little cute, it is important for you to understand why they are acting this way. If you do not change this type of behavior than a can over time, develop into something far more sinister.

Luckily it is not too difficult to get them to get over themselves. Canines mainly want to keep their masters happy. That means that what you really need to do is understand the signs to look for. This way, you will be able to immediately address the problem as soon as they start to become jealous.

Here are some of the best tips for how you can determine if you have a jealous dog on your hands.

Have your pets been acting extra-needy lately?

Probably the single most common sign of them all is neediness. A jealous but will try to get your attention all the time.

This is common if you have recently adopted a new pet or had a new person move into the house. If before this point, your pet had you all to themselves, it is understandable why they might be jealous.

Is your puppy displaying any signs of uncommon aggression?

Some puppies that are jealous of other pets will be aggressive towards the new pets. It can be difficult to tell whether they just do not like the new pet or if they are jealous unless you pay close attention.

The easiest way to make this distinction is to look at how they act towards the new pet whenever you are not around. If you notice that the only act aggressive towards the new pet whenever you are giving it attention, then you probably got a jealous dog.

Have you had to clean up any indoor accidents lately?

Sometimes if a dog becomes super jealous, they will start to use the bathroom inside. This is kind of like they cry for help.

Since dogs do not always understand the world around them, they may think that they are losing you forever. They might be trying to get you to break away from whatever is taking you away in their minds.

Is your dog trying to fight with a new pet?

If you have recently adopted a new pet and your previous pet is trying to fight with them, they could be jealous.

There are plenty of other reasons they could be acting this way. You can be more certain that it is jealousy that’s calling and if they did not act aggressively before the new pet was introduced.

Dogs that are jealous will try to scare away strangers

Jealous dogs will try to keep anyone and everyone away from you. This is because they want you all to themselves. Is your dog barking at strangers lately? Were they normally the type of dog to do this?

If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second question, you’ve probably got a little jealousy problem from your dog. One of the best things that you can do in this case is to give your dog some attention.

Chances are that if you start to give them more attention more often than they will fill a lot less jealous. It is easy to get carried away in life and start to neglect your pets and not give them as much attention as they deserve.

This is an easy problem to fix, though. Start setting aside some more time to spend with your pets one-on-one.

Is your dog trying to get your attention?

One of the funniest ways to tell if your dog is jealous or not is whether they are trying to get your attention. Dogs that are jealous will start to do things to get their owners’ attention.

Sometimes they may even start to do tricks unprompted if they know any. The reason why they are doing this is they are trying to get your attention.

They feel like they cannot get your attention in any other way. You should not continue to ignore your dog but give them a little bit of attention and then go back to what you were doing.

Is your personal space being invaded by your dog chronically?

Jealousy will cause dogs to invade your personal space. Is your dog normally the type of dog that likes to call a lot? If they are not only this type of dog but suddenly they are in your lap all the time you can probably guess why.

Dogs that are jealous can take this to a comical extent at times. They may try to follow you outdoors or get in the shower with you, for example.

Make sure to give them plenty of attention but do not reward bad behavior. Encourage them to feel more confident and independent if you feel like they are simply being too much.

Is your puppy displaying unusual signs of dominance?

Displays of dominance by puppies are not common whenever they are living with humans. Dogs are pretty much genetically hardwired to be subservient to us.

If your dog starts to display unusual signs that they want to dominate the environment around them, it could be that they are jealous.

They may feel that they do not have control over you and your attention, so they need to control the world around them.

This isn’t really very good behavior, so you should not encourage it. There is no need to punish them either, though. Distract them away from unwanted behavior and then encourage them to behave properly.

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