Is My Dog Lethargic? How to Know

Dogs are usually energetic animals. In most situations, they are very eager to meet people as well as greet their owners and family. A dog is very active and enthusiastically participates in physical activity. They are also very alert when looking for intruders.

However, there are times when a dog may begin to get lethargic. When your dog is lethargic, it can indicate one of the numerous things.

As a result, it is important to know the signs of lethargy in your dog. Once you are able to determine that your dog is lethargic, then you will need to follow some steps to help restore its energy.

Sleeps a lot

A lethargic dog will usually sleep a lot. It will sleep more often than it normally does. Dogs that sleep very often usually have low energy and are not looking to be physically active.

Whenever your dog is sleeping a lot, it is a clear indication that it is suffering from lethargy and needs some help to get back to its normal energy levels.

Lays down most of the time

When your dog is lethargic, it will also lay down all of the time. It will just lie on its bed, on the floor, or on some furniture more often than it usually does.

A dog that is lying around all the time is an obvious sign that its energy levels are low and you will need to find out why it lacks the energy that is used to in the past.

Walks slowly often

Another key sign of lethargy in dogs is walking slowly on a regular basis. Most dogs will usually job or walk at a swift pace.

However when your dog is walking very slowly every day, then it is a sign that it lacks energy. This will allow you to determine that it is in need of assistance in getting its normal energy levels back.

Doesn’t bark much

Whenever there is an intruder, your dog will bark loudly and frequently. Since it is on a very high alert of intruders, a dog will not hesitate to let you and the intruder know about the unfamiliar presence.

However, a dog that becomes lethargic will not bark as much as it used to. It will likely be less alert and more tolerant of intruders coming by the home. A dog will also bark in a very low tone as well.

Reluctance to play

Dogs that are full of energy will always be willing to play. They are often very eager to participate in a variety of activities. However, when a dog is lethargic, they will usually be very reluctant to play.

Since their energy levels are down, they will not be as enthusiastic or eager to play. When they are not willing to participate in physical activity, it is a clear sign that it is lethargic and needs to get help in regaining its previous energy levels.

Reluctance to go for walks

Another sign of lethargy in dogs is their unwillingness to go for walks. With low energy levels, your dog will not usually want to go for a walk like it did in the past. They will often shy away from going for a walk by avoiding you or just walking away when you indicate that you want to take it outside for one.

Stops frequently during walks

If you do manage to get your dog to go for a walk, it will most likely stop on a regular basis. While dogs will walk non stop for about 30 minutes, a lethargic dog will take a few steps, stop and repeat this pattern during the duration of the walk.

Whenever your dog stops frequently when it goes for a walk, this is one of the most significant signs that it has a deficiency of energy. As a result, you will need to address this immediately.

Find out if it is sick

When finding out that your dog is lethargic, you will need to find out why it has gotten this way. One of the first things you will want to do is find out if it is sick. Oftentimes, a dog that is sick will usually be lethargic.

Illnesses can sap the energy out of a dog just like a human. As a result, you will need to evaluate the health of your dog. If it is sick, then you will need to take it to a veterinarian and then get it treated.

See if it is injured

Another way to determine the reason why your dog is lethargic is to find out if it is injured. Your dog will usually have something bothering them physically that alters its ability to move.

When your dog is injured, it will resort to resting and avoid doing any physical activity. Similar to when your dog is sick, you will need to take it to a veterinarian for an evaluation and treatment when it is injured.

Once the injury is treated and when your dog recovers, it will most likely regain its normal energy levels.

Change its diet

When your dog is lethargic, it is possible that its diet is the cause. A dog that eats foods that it doesn’t like or ones that don’t give it sufficient energy will result in lethargy. Your dog may stop eating foods it doesn’t like and become malnourished.

This will usually result in lethargy. At times, the foods it eats can also cause problems that result in your dog getting sick. In order to address these issues, change its diet in order to help it overcome its state of lethargy.

Gradually increase physical activity

During the process of helping your dog overcome lethargy, it is important to get it more involved in physical activity. You will need to gradually increase its physical activity so that it is comfortable.

The first thing you can do is take in on short walks and increase the time and distance each week. You can also play fetch with it more often as well.

When gradually increasing the physical activity, your dog will eventually regain its normal energy levels and get back to normal.

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