Is My Dog Lonely? How to Know

Owning a dog is a very enjoyable experience when it is happy and healthy. While dogs are content most of the time, there are scenarios when a dog may lack companionship and become lonely.

Like many other living things, dogs have emotions and will react to situations that are unpleasant. As the owner of a dog, it is important to look for some signs of loneliness in your dog.

This will allow you to ensure that your dog is happy and has the companionship that it needs. Once you are able to identify the signs of loneliness, you can take action to help it regain its happiness.

Follows you around the house

One of the signs that prove that your dog is lonely is when they are constantly accompanying you. In other words, your dog will follow you around everywhere you go.

When a dog follows you on a regular basis, it is looking to get the companionship it needs. As a result, you will want to begin providing it with more attention and or also increase its socialization with other dogs, pets, and people.

Not as playful

Another key sign of your dog showing loneliness is that it is much less playful than it was in the past. Your dog will not be as eager to play with you or anyone else.

When companionship is inconsistent, your dog will lack social skills and begin withdrawing themselves. Since dogs are very social animals, if they are often avoiding group activities, that means that it is feeling lonely and needs you to be more attentive.

Lick fur more regularly

According to research, lonely dogs often lick or bite their fur much more frequently. This results in patches of lost fur. When a dog licks its own fur on a regular basis it is expressing boredom as well as anxiety.

As a way to express loneliness and anxiety, dogs will also develop circular sores on their carpus and wrist as well. Frequent biting and licking is something to pay attention to when you suspect that your dog may be lonely and in need of more companionship.

Sleep more often

Similar to humans, dogs that are lonely will sleep more often. They will usually turn to sleep in order to cope with sadness and loneliness.

Sleeping more frequently is a way to develop a distraction from their feelings of distress. When your dog begins to sleep more than normal, it is an obvious sign that it is very lonely and is in need of more attentiveness.

Destructive behavior

As a dog owner, one of the most telling signs of your dog being lonely is when they engage in destructive behavior. They will often be very destructive at home on a regular basis. This will include chewing furniture as well as other objects such as shoes and papers.

When they are left on their own on a regular basis, they will usually engage in destructive behavior in order to alleviate boredom as well as get more attention. So destructive behavior is something to look for whenever you suspect that your dog is feeling lonely.

Tips on how to help your dog overcome loneliness

When you determine that your dog is lonely, it is important to take action so that it can begin to recover and regain its happiness.

It is important to follow a few tips in order to make progress towards restoring your dog’s well being.

Following these steps will enable you to prevent your dog from getting lonely in the future.

Put on the radio

One of the ways to help your dog recover from loneliness is to put on the radio. This will provide background music which will help give your dog a sense of companionship. While the radio is just sound, it can give your dog a sense that people are around it and therefore the dog will feel more comfortable.

Get another dog

Another key tip in helping your dog with loneliness is to get it another dog. When you get another dog, you will provide it with some companionship while you are away.

This will provide it with more opportunities for socialization. Getting another dog will give your dog a steady companion which will give it a sense of attentiveness.

As a result, your dog will be able to avoid being lonely with the presence of another dog around.

Take your dog out more often

When dealing with a lonely dog, it is also important to take them outside more often. Whether it’s taking them to a public place, to visit family and friends, or to just take it out for a walk, being with your dog is essential.

You will need to be more attentive to your dog by going to various places with it whenever you leave your home. By going out with your dog on a regular basis, it will get its necessary companionship and feel happier.

Go home for lunch

If you work at an office or other location, you will also want to consider going home during your lunch hour.

A person who doesn’t live too far away from home will benefit from going back home to eat lunch so that they can spend some time with their dog. It will give the dog assurance that you are around and available to provide it with the companionship that it needs.

Show affection

As a dog owner trying to help your dog overcome loneliness, it is important to provide it with plenty of affection on a regular basis. When you provide your dog with affection, it will get a sense that it is appreciated and loved.

This will result in your dog having a more positive emotional disposition. To show affection, pet it, and cuddle with it more on a regular basis. You will also want to play with it more often as well.

By showing affection, you will be able to help your dog avoid the negative feelings associated with loneliness.

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