Is My Dog Mute? How to Know

By nature, a dog will bark or growl. Since dogs can’t talk like humans, barking or growling helps pass their feelings across. You might, however, have taken note of the rather silent nature of your dog. He doesn’t bark or growl.

Most pet parents love dogs who can make some form of noise. As much as a calm dog is good for urban living. Barking or any form of noise helps clear various doubts or worries about a dog. Sometimes when buying a dog, he might not bark.

Therefore you will assume he is just among the few calm dogs. You might probably pat yourself on the shoulder for getting a rather silent dog.

However, once you get home and months go by without him barking, worry will start to set in. Could he be mute or just weirdly silent? Some of the questions you will have in your thoughts might be exactly as shown.

The urge to know whether your dog is mute will often drive you to the extreme of research and consultations. Before you go there, take a look at some of the ways which can help you to know. With such insights, you will know exactly what to do.

Visit a vet

The number one step should be to rule out the possibility of diseases. There are various reasons why some dogs don’t bark or growl and diseases are among the reasons. When the voice box of a dog is suffering from a disease known as laryngeal paralysis.

The particular disease can lead to paralysis of your dog’s voice box. Also, tumors that grow in the voice box can make your dog be very mute. Tumors can even cause problems for the dog while eating and breathing.

As much as the symptoms for tumors are quite visible. You will require the services of a vet to confirm or rule them out. Once the vet has done tests on your dog, you can then tell whether the dog is mute, naturally quiet or he is sick.

If the dog is sick, the next cause of action is to seek treatment. With the right vet, your dog can get treatment for laryngeal paralysis or the tumor. The cost of treatment doesn’t come cheap but the results will be worth every penny.

Notably, the cost will vary depending on the vet and your location. If a vet has to travel miles to come to you, you might get to pay more. Once the dog heals you will be able to hear him bark for the very first time. His bark will feel like a child’s first words and I bet you the joy you will experience is immense.


Have you ever taken note of people who just never talk? Well, they are not mute at all but they just don’t talk. Some will just smile at exciting conversations but getting them to say a word in return, just never happens.

Well, if you are meeting such a person for the first time, you might think he or she is mute. When we talk about conversations, the personality of someone contributes greatly to whether they want to talk or not. Sometimes for them, they just are never willing to talk.

On the animal side of the spectrum, animal behaviorists have also been of the same view as regards personality.

Some dogs don’t bark at all, they are not mute or sick, they just don’t bark. If your dog has a calm personality. You might never hear him back.

Of course, after consultation with a vet or animal behaviorist, you will get to realize the greatest contributor to your dog’s nature is his personality. Some dog owners have even given testimonies to having dealt with dogs which were silent for over two years.

Then one day, out of the blues the dog just barks or growls. You might find the act as a miracle which is equally exciting. Discovering the personality of your dog and how he responds to commands will help you clear your worries. You will also stay calm hoping to hear him bark someday.

Circumstances surrounding how you got the dog

You could be walking or driving around your town then you come across a sickly dog. Your human instincts and love for dogs push you to pick him up. The dog looks beat and like he was barking for hours.

The entire journey home and no bark or growl from the dog. If you just brought home the dog from the roadside all sad you might have to give him the time.

Dogs who have been barking for long because of being afraid might take time before they bark again.

Once the dog’s voice grows hoarse, he won’t bark. Probably just stare in a thankful way trying to appreciate your act of kindness. With some patience, you will get to finally hear him bark for the very first time.


Do you know the breed of your dog? Well, some breeds of dogs are so quiet you might mistake them to be mute. Some breeds like the Bernese Mountain dog are relatively quiet.

There are several other breeds that are known to be very silent.

Knowing the breed of your dog will help you know if you are dealing with a quiet dog. Also to add to your dog knowledge. Dogs that rarely bark or are rather quiet are the best if you live in an apartment.

You can imagine having a very loud dog with your neighbors with no dog next door. You might be seen as a nuisance.


If your vet has gotten rid of the possibility of diseases and given your dog a clean bill of health. At times all you have left is patience. Wait for a day he will bark.

Monitor the dog for any other noises apart from barking and growling.

If you have a dog like a basenji. He won’t bark instead he will be yodeling. If he doesn’t bark or growl but makes some yodeling sound, your dog is fine.

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