Is My Dog My Guardian Angel? How to Know

Life is a precious gift that should be cherished every day. Statistics show that approximately 6,316 people die each hour every day, and per day around 151,600 people die globally. Due to COVID-19, more lives are cut short because of this unpredictable illness.

Though times are tough, some of us have fur babies to think of and care for. Whether if you have a pet turtle, bird, cat, or dog, they are still a part of us. To some owners, like dogs, for example, their pets are considered a guardian angel.

By having our pets around us, it takes away from the panic and adds peace and calmness in our hearts and mind.

However, what makes a pet a guardian angel, and how will I know that he or she is really here to protect me?

Understanding a guardian angel

For some people angels do not exist, while others swear up and down that there is such thing as angels, whether if they’re holy angels, guardian angels, or earth angels. For example, a guardian angel is a special angel assigned to protect and guide you through trials and tribulations.

Sometimes guardian angels take the form of people, objects, or animals. Maybe the dog you have is a guardian angel in disguise, watching over you and protecting you from negative energy and harm.

Normally, children can see their guardian angels. Between the ages of newborn to age three, children can see and communicate with their guardian angel.

As the child grows older, it has been told that the guardian angel will lose its physical appearance and change into a bright light. It is also discovered that animals can see their guardian angels as well.

Even though we cannot see or touch them, the guardian angel can still communicate with people through emotions and subconsciously.

A way they can communicate subconsciously is through gut feelings or sudden vibrations, like a chill down the spine, warning us about any good or bad entity approaching. For dogs, it is the same way.

You may notice your dog acting unusual, whether through fear or aggression, in different environments or around strangers. With keen senses towards emotions and protection, your dog can protect you like a spiritual guardian angel.

In other situations, like celebrating a victory or a pregnancy, your dog can sense a change in their owner and most of the time accommodate it. Your dog may cling to you more, displaying more affection and attention towards you, or if you’re upset give you wet kisses to heal your emotional wounds.

What if I do not believe in guardian angels?

It is okay if you do not believe in guardian angels. In reference to the example above, pets can detect a change in the owner’s emotions or a change in their environment.

It is common to not believe in guardian angels. The idea of a guardian angel is to give mankind a sense of peace and calmness in a state of emergency.

There’s a balance of good and evil in the world. During times of crisis, globally or personally, dogs can become a great comforter and guide. Like Greek mythology, black dogs were considered sacred animals of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and magic.

In Hindu culture, they believe that dogs are the mount of Bhairava, the Hindu god, and can guide a person’s soul to heaven. For non-believers, having a dog around can be a great asset to protecting your life.

From firefighters, police officers, to service animals, dogs are trained to exclusively serve and protect in any way.

How do guardian angels play a part in life?

Originally, angels were referred to as religious figures or holy messengers. Over time angels are widely associated with various walks of life. Throughout the world, people adopted a certain type of religious or spiritual journey in their lives, whether being a Pagan or Wiccan, Atheist, or Luciferin.

Guardian angels would typically appear when having a near-death experience and your mind is undergoing a state of peace and tranquility.

Various testimonies, like falling ill and having a limited time to live or surviving a mass shooting, have a similar concept. Upon being visited by a bright light, sudden recovery happens, or a second chance to live happens.

Hypothetically speaking, the guardian angel will guide a person through that troubling situation and provide a sense of survival.

What if my dog isn’t a guardian angel?

The idea of a guardian angel is protection and providing peace. Your dog may not be absolutely perfect in both areas if you haven’t trained him or her to respond appropriately under pressure or on command.

However, if your dog is lacking angelic behavior then taking time to understand your pet may be the next best option.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus is a three-headed hound that protects the gates to the underworld. He isn’t technically a guardian angel, but he can be considered as one. Because he protects the souls that are bound for eternal damnation. Since he is in the underworld, Cerberus is considered a fallen angel.

In The Bible, Lucifer, or Satan, was once an angel with perfect beauty and grace. He was loved by all other angels in heaven, and God’s favorite. Lucifer wanted to overthrow heaven and take the throne. God wasn’t having that and kicked him out of heaven for all of eternity. Lucifer wasn’t the only one that fell from heaven.

There were many angels that worshiped him followed close behind. Because Greek mythology follows some teachings from The Bible, it is safe to say that Cerberus is considered a fallen guardian angel.

Looking at your dog, he or she may be an earthly version of Cerberus.

Can I spiritually connect with my dog?

It is possible to spiritually connect with your dog. Creating a strong bond with him or she can bring closeness and spiritual understanding between each other.

There are many ways to spiritually connect with your dog. Like designating silent time, expressing affection, and understanding each other’s love and devotion.

Even taking the time and connecting with nature through meditation and prayer can help build that spiritual relationship with your dog.

Taking them for a walk on a quiet trail and having a conversation with them can be a great way to bond with them. Going hiking on a nature trail or at a national park works just as well too!

Are dogs considered holy animals?

Yes! Just like cats and cows, dogs are considered holy animals. Zoolatry is a form of practice of worshipping animals and treating them like they are gods.

Dogs are predominately associated with protection, guidance, love, and loyalty in multiple religious and spiritual practices. The belief of animal spirits playing a role in divination is still popular today in eastern culture.

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