Is My Dog My Soulmate? How to Know

The concept of soulmates dates back to ancient Greece. In The Symposium, Plato tells how the god Zeus split human souls into two parts. Over the centuries, this concept turned into a theory of romantic love.

Supposedly, everyone on earth has one true soulmate who is their ideal lover. But who needs romance if your canine companion is your best friend? Platonic friendships, also a concept from Plato, are sometimes far more rewarding than romantic love.

Here are some signs that your dog might just be your soulmate.

You had an instant connection

Was it love at first sight when you met your dog? If you felt an instant connection, your dog is almost definitely your soulmate. Relationship expert Arielle Ford, the author of The Soulmate Secret, says a soulmate is “someone with whom you share unconditional love.”

She expresses that soulmates can be anyone, including your child, friend, parent, or pet. “When you look into their eyes,” Ford says, “you have the experience of being ‘home’. While this doesn’t happen with every pet, Ford says that, when it does, “there is a special heart connection that is undeniable.”

Your dog follows you everywhere

Are you and your dog inseparable? Most dogs like being around their humans, but does yours insist on following you everywhere? A sign of a true soulmate is someone having a strong desire to be around you all the time.

Does your dog always follow you from one room to another? Does he try to climb in your lap when you’re working? And does he whine when he knows you’re leaving?

When he cries, do you cave and bring him along? If you answered yes to these questions, you two have a special bond. Like Lily and Marshal on How I Met Your Mother, if you really hate being apart, you’re probably soulmates.

Your dog puts you at ease

Does your dog have an uncanny ability to soothe you? Whether you have anxiety or a fear of thunderstorms, does your dog always put you at ease? Anyone who can center you when your emotions are high has a real gift.

Most dogs have somewhat of a calming effect on their owners. According to HealthGuide, “pets have evolved to become acutely attuned to humans.”

Some dogs are so empathetic that, as HealthGuide reports, they “look into your eyes to gauge your emotional state.” If your dog seems particularly good at this, there’s a good chance you two are soulmates.

Your dog predicts your behavior

Okay, so dogs can learn patterns. Of course, your dog is expecting you home from work at precisely the right time. This is fairly normal in most dogs.

But some dogs in particular seem to be capable of predicting behavior without a known pattern.

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake did a series of studies showing that some dogs seem to have predictive powers. One of his books details these experiments, as well as other unexplained abilities in pets.

Sheldrake concludes that some dogs can make predictions based “on a telepathic influence from his owner.” If your dog is good at predicting your behavior, this is a good indication he’s your soulmate. You two are clearly telepathically connected.

Your dog never judges you

This might seem like a no-brainer, but some dogs are actually judgmental. A study from Kyoto University found that dogs, as well as some primates, judge humans on behavior.

Psychologist James Anderson concluded that dogs may evaluate social interactions in a way not unlike how babies do. The study largely focused on animal reactions to how people were treated by others.

Yet many people report getting judgmental looks from their dogs. It seems some pets don’t like it when their humans fart, cough, or sing.

In fact, some people say their dogs give disparaging looks while they change their clothes or use the bathroom. But your dog doesn’t, right? If your dog doesn’t care what you do, or how you smell, that’s true friendship.

And if he doesn’t even seem to mind when you don’t share your snacks, that’s a sure sign he’s your soulmate. Soulmates don’t judge.

You really need a soulmate

Have you lost a soulmate recently, like a boyfriend or a BFF? Or maybe you just really need a friend right now. Your dog could be the universe’s answer to filling that hole.

In an article for The Chopra Center, Leo Carver writes, “The intelligence of the universe is boundless.” When we are most in need of a message, or a caring presence, the universe can, and will, speak to us. Carver further reminds sign-seekers that “ultimately the universe is always giving you love.”

If you believe your dog is a replacement for a lost soulmate, he probably is. Soulmates can definitely come in all shapes and sizes.

And we can certainly have more than one in our lifetimes. As Anne Shirley says in L. M. Montgomery’s beloved novel, “Kindred spirits are not so scarce.” Referring to these friends, Anne says, “It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world”.

Your dog reminds you of someone

Have you lost a soulmate in the past? Or have you suffered the loss of a close family member or another special pet? Millions of people believe that departed souls can communicate with us, and even return to us, after death.

Does your pet show personality traits or behavioral patterns that strongly remind you of someone you’ve lost? These could be signs that your canine companion is a reincarnated soul. But is reincarnation actually real?

A recent study at the University Of Virginia found evidence to suggest reincarnation may be real. For the study, Dr. Jim Tucker interviewed 2,500 children between the ages of two and six. His conclusions found that many of them showed signs of past lives.

Some children apparently recalled vivid memories of experiences from far in the past. According to EconoTimes, Tucker said his findings could “be explained through a concept known as a quantum universe”.

A quantum universe, according to Tucker, is “where the human consciousness is linked to the cosmos through subatomic energy.”

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