Is My Dog Nauseaous? How to Know

Let’s paint a picture: Your dog gets into something they should not. Your dog is most likely going to throw it up. One of two things will happen. One, it is a one-time incident. Two, it is part of a much bigger issue( like another illness).

You need to find out what is going on before its too late. Waiting around could only make it worse for your dog.

How can you tell your dog is sick whether the signs are obvious or not?


Watch your dog and make sure he or she does not vomit again in the next few hours. A one-time incident is when your dog eats something they should not.

They might have also eaten it too fast. It happens. Some pets get very overzealous about eating.

Now, let’s say your dog vomits at least once or twice more within the next few hours. There is something else going on aside from regular nauseousness.

What about dry heaving?

This could be a sign that something is wrong. Let’s say your dog is dry coughing without any food in their system. They could have a hairball inside they want to get out.

An obstructed hardball does cause your dog to get nauseous and feel sick. Your dog might even drool at the same time.

They should feel better once they get the hairball out. Dogs who do not feel better afterward have something else going on. You need to talk to your vet.

Lack of eating

Think about it for s second. You do not feel like eating when you are sick and/or feeling nauseous. One of two things is going to happen. One, your pet will avoid the food altogether. Two, your dog might sniff the bowl and turn away fast. The smell is going to make them feel more nauseous.

Your dog might do this early and eat later. Your dog might do it all day for a few days in a row. This is when you need to worry. Talk to your vet if your dog continues to avoid food after 2-3 days.


Licking is normal for pets, especially dogs and cats. They lick after they eat to get everything up. The problem is when your dog continues to lick their lips after eating everything. Licking constantly is a sign that your dog is feeling nauseous and sick,

What about drooling?

This could be one of the more subtle signs. Some dogs do this regularly. Some breeds are known for their drooling behavior. The problem comes when they do it more than usual. The other problem is when your dog is not known for drooling and they do constantly.

You should have it checked out. Something is going on there that merits your attention.


Stomachs build extra salvia when you feel sick. The same thing goes for pets. You are going to swallow more when you have more saliva.

Your dog might even make a weird noise when they swallow. It is something to pay attention to. Too much swallowing is a sign something is wrong.

What about when my dog is hunched over?

This is a trait commonly displayed in cats when they get sick. Some dogs do it too. They will lie on the floor hunched over.

They could lie there for hours. Once again, this is more of a subtle sign, but it is something you need to look at.


Some pets are known for their talking, while others are not. Does your dog talk all the time? You want to look at some of the above signs because this one might not be too obvious.

However, if your dog is not known for talking, and they suddenly start acting crazy. There is an issue. Your dog is trying to tell you they are sick and not feeling good.

They are trying to get your attention if there are prolonged eye-contact and a fevered barking.

Laziness (also called lethargy)

Feeling lazy and lethargic is a common issue for cats and dogs when they are sick. The problem is lethargy is also a common sign of other illnesses(do not jump to conclusions).

Is your dog unwilling to play with you or others when they normally do? There is something wrong. Most dogs get excited over pretty much anything.

You know something is wrong when there is a lack of energy and excitement for the everyday routine.


Does your suddenly paw at the mouth out of the blue? Has it been happening for a few hours or days? Your dog might be trying to get your attention something is wrong.

Check inside their mouth to be sure nothing is obstructing. Sometimes an obstruction can cause your pet to be sick.

There is something else wrong if you find nothing in your dog’s mouth.

What are the next steps to take?

It is important to pay attention to every sign I included on the list. You could even Google some more signs. You may not find what you are looking for here.

Signs and symptoms vary from dog to dog. Some dogs exhibit very obvious signs. Other dogs show more subtle signs.

It is important to research everything this way you know what to watch for. One last thing to note is other injuries. There could also be a physical injury which is making your dog nauseous and sick.

The next step is to take your dog to the bet. Now, the vet might suggest you use alternative feeding methods (like a syringe) to get sustenance in your dog.

Your vet will know what to do. Listen to his or her advice, and do what they tell you. Your dog will start feeling better in no time.

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