Is My Dog Nearsighted? Ways to Find Out

One fact you should be aware of about dogs is, their sight is generally poor. When a comparison is made between human eyesight and dog eyesight, the latter is poor. While as humans we can see many colors, dogs on the other hand can’t.

If a dog becomes totally blind today, you might not he can still move around by himself, humans can’t. The reason behind the particular fact being, dogs are able to use other body senses well in the absence of good eyesight.

They can detect motion around them among many other factors. If such facts are new to you, well now you are on the know. Also, experts classify dog eyesight as nearsightedness. Even with such a fact, dogs are still able to see better at night.

Maybe the reason why we have guard dogs is that they are able to see even through the dark. Extreme nearsightedness can however prove to be a great concern to you as a pet parent. Here are some reasons for poor eyesight in dogs.

Reasons for extreme nearsightedness in dogs

If your dog is old, he may develop eye problems. Most old dogs can’t see as clearly as younger dogs. Therefore be ready, the older your fur baby gets, the likelihood of him developing eye problems. Also, medical conditions can be the cause of eye problems.

For medical conditions, any dog at any age can be a victim. Some of the medical conditions include cataracts, glaucoma, or eye infection. Another reason could be accidents which affect the eyes. Some accidents can even have foreign objects getting into the eye.

Therefore if your dog is young and has extreme nearsightedness. He could be ill or as an outcome of an accident. Since you are now aware of the reasons behind poor eyesight in dogs. Here are some of the ways you can use to know whether your dog has nearsightedness.

Bumping into objects

A dog with poor eyesight will often bump into the furniture. You will note if your dog could get by the house with ease before, he suddenly starts bumping into doors. Even knowing the correct entryways into the house starts becoming a problem.

If he is a normally playful dog, his playfulness will decrease to a greater extent. The reason being he can no longer see clearly. Dogs however get to adjust really quickly to poor eyesight.

The adjusting might take a few weeks but eventually, your dog can move around with ease once more. All he gets to do is learn the various pathways and a few other stuff and he will be fine.

The dog does not react when you pass in front of him

Among the people, dogs are familiar with are their owners. You are probably your dog’s best friend and passing in front of him is a big issue. Normally if you have been away for the entire day your dog will be there to welcome you.

The moment you stand in front of him he will show excitement or even come to hug you. However lately if you have taken note of a change in your dog’s behavior when you pass in front of him.

There is a probability your dog can’t even see or recognize you. As sad as the circumstance sounds, your dog could be battling eye problems.

Irregularities in the eye

Teary eyes are not a normal occurrence in dogs. You might have taken note of the very teary eyes of your dog but probably thought all was okay. Dogs’ eyes can be teary at times but excessive teary eyes are a sign of other issues.

Also, puss can appear at the sides of your dog’s eye. Puss in the eye might signal extreme eye conditions. Maybe there is something in your dog’s eye. Another possibility could be your dog has been through an accident and you are not aware.

Irregularities in your dog’s eye mean you should move fast and seek help. If there is a log in the dog’s eye, the sooner your vet gets to check your dog the better. Generally, always move fast to address your dog’s eye issues before they become extreme.

Treatment is given usually depends on the problem the dog is battling. For eye infections, eye drops can work but you will have to commit to giving your dog the eye drops daily.

Conditions like cataracts might require eye surgery. The best part despite the charges you will incur to help salvage your dog’s eyes is he can get help.

Doesn’t notice treats

Dogs value their treats so much. However lately as much as you try to throw treats at him he does not respond. Well, there is a probability your dog can’t see.

You can even try throwing the treats to the side. If the dog is still unresponsive then you could be dealing with a possible case of extreme nearsightedness. For an old dog, age can be a contributing fine but if your dog is young, plan and visit a vet.

Dog refuses to jump from the car

Most times if you drive with your dog in the car once you get home he will jump from the car. However lately you have seen your dog hesitate to jump.

Sometimes your dog can even behave like just doesn’t want to get out. Such behavior can signal the possibility of eye problems.

Your dog might not be seeing the ground and he is afraid jumping will get him hurt. In such situations, you can help him out of the car then take him to a vet. With the expertise vets have, you can get the best advice about your dog’s eye conditions.

As much nearsightedness is a condition which most dogs battle. Some eye problems can make the situation worse. The best step therefore is to seek expert help to salvage the situation.

Restoring the eyesight of your dog will have you enjoying his company more. When a dog has eye problems even playing comes with limits.

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