Is My Dog Nesting? How to Know

Dogs trace their roots back to the pack. So from time to time, they will experience pack instincts. In the pack there are other wild animals hence each has to find the best survival tactics. Therefore a pregnant dog will always try to find ways to prepare for the birth of her puppies.

Nesting for dogs helps them to prepare a safe space pending delivery of puppies just like they could in the pack. At home, the state is usually different from the pack. If you have a pregnant dog for example.

You probably are already preparing for the birth of the puppies. Even if you can provide safe and comfortable conditions for your dog. His pack instincts will from time to time set in. Therefore most times the issue is not whether or not you can provide the best conditions for birth.

Dogs just want to be dogs. With a pregnant dog nearing birth in the house, her actions could be signaling you to nest. If you are not sure whether your dog is nesting or not. Here are some ways you can use to know.

Assembling their bedding in a new area

Most pet parents have sleeping spaces for their dogs. The sleeping space could include a nice dog blanket and even a small mattress. Dogs identify with their sleeping space and will always have an attachment to space.

However if lately, you have seen your dog take their bedding to a new area in the house. Somewhere a bit quiet, darker, and hidden from the rest of the family. Then there is a possibility your dog is nesting.

If she is pregnant for example, she is trying to get a safe space for delivering her puppies and protecting them from possible harm. Nesting is an action in which dogs could naturally do when they live outside or live in a pack.

However, if you are unaware your dog was even pregnant in the first place. Then you should try getting her to the vet for a checkup.

Digging in the yard to create a depression

If you have a yard and recently you have seen your dog outside digging. The possible reason for the digging is nesting. If your dog is not an active dog who could require some tasks to stay busy. You should try and get her to do a pregnancy test.

At times dogs get pregnant without their pet parents knowing. If you take her out open in the park to play with other dogs or there is a male dog in the house. The possibility of not being aware of the pregnancy is high.

If you have been caught unawares, then you should visit a vet with your dog, for purposes of doing a pregnancy test. Hence you will be in a better position to help your dog prepare the right way. She is no longer out in the pack therefore at home delivering conditions should be better.

Going into tiny spaces more often

Have you seen your dog spend more of her days in her crate lately? Or coiling behind the sofa you have put at the corner? A nesting dog could want to act like she is hiding.

Truth is, she is not hiding just trying to figure out whether the small space is fit for puppies. Most dogs believe tiny spaces tend to give their puppies the warmth and protection they require. Which is actually true but can only help them in the pack or if they live outside.

Cutting blankets into tiny pieces

Sometimes a nesting dog will become destructive to some extent. If she is looking for clothing to create a comfort zone, she will cut blankets into tiny pieces. If you have pillows, she might even cut them open to get the pillow chippings.

When your dog suddenly starts to behave in such a way, then she could be nesting. If you are aware of her pregnancy then you should start preparing her for delivery. Find a nice quiet and comfortable space for her.

Hence she might desist from cutting your blankets and even pillows to create a nest. No one wants to end up with their favorite blankets cut into very tiny pieces. Also, to avoid scenarios whereby your very expensive blankets are cut into tiny pieces.

You can always cheap blankets for your dog to cut. The nesting is only for a short period of time.

Sick mammary glands

You may have seen a bulge on your dog’s mammary glands. In situations whereby the mammary glands have an inflammation most times, a dog might think she is pregnant. When a dog has a false pregnancy due to mammary glands that have an infection.

They will usually start nesting. Having your dog receives the right treatment from a vet will help solve the pregnancy scare. Most times after treating the mammary glands. Your vet will advise on spaying the dog to avoid scenarios of pregnancy scares.

Also, after spaying the dog, you might notice cases of nesting. By providing your dog with the right stuff like cheap blankets and a crate. She will eventually outgrow the nesting.

Sudden overprotectiveness

When dogs are about to deliver most times they will start being overprotective. An overprotective dog can at times become hostile. Most times when dogs begin acting in an overprotective nature, you should keep your vulnerable children away.

At times letting the dog use his crate which acts as a nest can help her calm down. Just like as a pet parent you could be overprotective of your children, dogs also have the motherly instinct. What they are trying to do during the nesting period is to keep themselves safe.

Also, they could be afraid of being too friendly can hurt their unborn puppies. During such a period, the best step you can ever make is to protect those who can be hurt by the overprotective nature of the dog.

Also, if you reach out to your vet, you will always get possible solutions to the nesting period of your dog.

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