Is My Dog Obsessed With Me? How to Know

If you have ever had a dog in your home/house, we can agree they make the most beautiful pets. The Human-dog relationship has been there for hundreds of years, and it does not seem to be ending anytime soon.

Like people, dogs are very industrious creatures who always work towards, making humans happy if they get a chance to. Dogs also protect you when they see or hear strange surroundings.

In most cases, the dogs end up obsessing with you (owner). The piece of writing will take you through several signs showing your dog is obsessing with you.

If your dog does not like the presence of your friends

You will realize when your friends are over your place, your dog does not express any happiness. Or he/she does not try hard to be a part of your company when with your friends. The dog might just fold itself at a particular corner of the house.

Or just lie on the bed or sofa without making any movement until your friends are gone. It might be because you are giving all your attention to your friends and, chatting, and laughing without involving him/her.

Also, when serving your friends with food or drinks, you might always be forgetting about his/her presence. You even forget to feed him/her. Therefore, all the dog can see is your friends have come to ‘steal’ you from him/her.

If your dog barks non-stop when you lock it in a crate

When your dog is obsessing on you, it would not want to be left in a crate all alone. The dog wants to stay where you are, if possible, always.

When you lock it in a crate, all it thinks about is you are not coming back. Therefore, the dog will keep barking to express anger or to send the ‘get me out of here’ message to you. Barking insinuates a dog’s dissatisfaction.

If the dog does not like other pets at your home

When you have several pets at your home they tend to be jealous of each other. But despite their relationship, you will have to provide equal treatment to all. When you realize your dog gets malicious with other pets, it might be a sign the dog is obsessing with you.

Then, it becomes the reason why the dog does not want any other animal to get any attention from you.

The dog might keep chasing away the other pets every time you try serving them food. It might also never want to play or associate with any other pet in the house.

If the dog insists on following you everywhere, you go

When your dog is obsessing with you, you will realize he/she does not want to leave your side. It might be because of many reasons. Like, he/she feels safe, or it might be finding it as a way to keep bonding with you, among other reasons.

So the dog will follow you to the grocery store, or even it would want to accompany you for road trips. The dog might be obsessing with you.

If your dog messes everything whenever you leave it at home

When your dog is obsessing with you, even in your absence, you will be all over its head. You will realize every time you leave it in your house; you will find a lot of your stuff lying all over the floor. Most likely, clothes, books, and shoes will be thrown on the floor.

They mostly want to stay in contact with your belonging to keep your presence live in their minds. They might do the same till you are back home. Also, the dog might be focusing on smelling your scent from your stuff like clothes.

If the dog appears sad when you are leaving

Just like your baby, when leaving for work or any other activities, your dog might appear sad. Also, it might express sadness by wearing a dropping face.

It is because he or she is afraid of whether you are coming back or not. Also, the dog might be catching loneliness. Thinking about all the time you will be gone. It is a sign of your dog is obsessing with you.

If the dog loves snuggling with you

When your dog is obsessing with you, you will realize there is an emotional connection between you and your dog. Therefore, your dog will want to keep snuggling with you anytime, anywhere.

It is because the dog wants to feel your love and care all around him/her. The dog will come running for snuggles when looking for extra security and when anxious about something. Also, the dog might come for snuggles when in need of any other kind of help.

If your dog does not like strangers

When a dog is obsessing with you, it will hate all the new faces it comes across. The new faces might be causing the separation anxiety to the dog.

The dog might be thinking the stranger is going to take you away or take it away from you. You will realize when the dog sees a strange face, it starts barking or running to hide. So, the only face your dog wants to see is yours.

If your dog does not receive offers from other people at home

You realize your dog is obsessing with you when you notice the dog only remains happy and comfortable in your presence. You might be having other family members at your home to who you leave your dog.

But your dog will be comfortable enough to eat, to play, and move around at your presence. He/she will not take anything from any other person in your absence.

He or she will turn down offers for food, drinks, and gifts from any other person.

If your dog is overprotective of you

Once your dog obsesses on you, it would not want any danger near you. You will, therefore, realize your dog keeps barking from time to time to scare away anything in a position to harm or hurt you.

From time to time, the dog will go outside to check around, then come back into the house. It is because all the dog wants is to see you safe.

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