Is My Dog Poisoned?

There are various ways through which dogs get to be poisoned. As a pet parent, you just have to be extra vigilant to know when your dog has been poisoned.

While you might think your dog has to come into contact with real poison to get poisoning. Well for dogs the case is way different. Your dog can get poisoning even from the simplest of substances within your house.

Foods and medication within a home have proven to be among the greatest poisoning substances. Even plants in your garden can become dangerous to your dog because some are poisonous.

When poisoning has taken place, dogs get to react in different ways depending on the level of poison.

Also if you are suspecting your dog is poisoned. Knowing the signs of poisoning will be the greatest first-hand help you can use. Before looking into the signs, first, have a look at the various substances which might cause poisoning.

Substances responsible for dog poisoning

They are many but we can have a look at a few. Among the unlikely poisoning agents, we have avocados. Most households are great users of avocados. However, as you consume your avocado. Ensure you keep the avocado away from your dog.

Experts have found avocados to have a substance known as persin which is harmful to your dog. The same case applies to onions and garlic.

If you are eating foods full of onions and garlic and you feel the desire to let your dog have a bite. Please don’t continue, you are putting your dog at risk of poisoning.

Also, keep grapes and raisins have proven to cause kidney failure when dogs eat them. What you can see is, some of your favorite foods are very dangerous to your fur friends. Human medications that are meant to relieve pain also have a poisoning effect on dogs.

There is a big difference between dogs and humans. What is perfectly fine for you can be the cause of death for your dog. You should take note, dog poisoning substances are many.

If you are now in a state of confusion as to what extent you can share your food with your dog. The best step always is to consult with an animal nutritionist.

These professionals know the various foods which are good for your dog and the bad ones. Instead of putting your dog at risk, you can always spend a few coins to gain the knowledge you require. Now you can have at some of the signs of poisoning.

Irritation of the mouth

Probably you are trying to spend time with your dog through feeding, then you notice something weird with his mouth. Surprisingly your dog has irritation in the mouth and you can’t figure out from where.

Also, your dog might seem to show disinterest in feeding if the irritation causes pain. Such a sign could signal to poison. Well for dog poisoning you should not waste time. If you are completely unaware of what might have led to the poisoning.

The sooner you get to your vet the better for your dog. Another sign you can use to infer poisoning is a swollen mouth or gums. If your dog’s mouth is showing any of the two signs, take action as soon as you can.

Diarrhea and vomiting

Your dog should be perfectly fine after a meal. The most he should do is just relax or play.

If your dog abruptly starts to diarrhea and vomit. Something is amiss. He could have eaten one of the very many household substances which cause poisoning in dogs. Such signs might dehydrate your dog.

Therefore instead of waiting on him to get better, seek the nearest help you can get.

Difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in breathing is a near-fatal sign of poisoning in dogs. Some fruits like raisins as shown can cause adverse fatal effects on dogs. Always endeavor to be on the know on what substances can cause poisoning. Some of the fatal cases of dog poisoning only got to happen because of a lack of knowledge.

Having details about dogs and various substances can equally help you make your home pet-proof.

Knowing how best to protect your pet against poisoning can always help avoid such extreme occurrences.

Muscle tremors and subsequent seizures

A dog who was perfectly healthy a few moments ago shouldn’t suddenly develop muscle tremors. Unless your dog has a history of other health conditions muscle tremors are usually a sign of poisoning in dogs.

Muscle tremors that might start slowly can easily end up becoming seizures. Such situations are the worst to have your dog in. To salvage the situation always make an emergency call to a vet. Also as you call, be on your way already.

Cardiac arrest

Dog poisoning signs can go from mild to fatal like cardiac arrest. If your dog suffers a cardiac arrest, there is a possibility of poisoning. Healthy dogs don’t suffer cardiac arrests suddenly. An underlying cause always has to be present.

Most times dogs who suffer a cardiac arrest as a result of poisoning can end up dead in a few minutes. Dog’s bodies can only fight enough. The time you take to get help determine the survival chances your dog has.

During such situations, you might even panic. Your reactions to the possibility of losing your dog are understandable. For signs like cardiac arrest, your next step should be an emergency drive to the vet.

Blood in urine and feces

Why else could your dog have blood in his urine? Dog poisoning will affect dogs differently. Most times the repercussions are dependent on the substance eaten by the dog. If your dog poops in the yard, you probably have to clean after him.

The same case applies he uses a potty or a urine pad. During your cleaning, you come across some blood in his urine and feces. Even if he has not shown any other signs pointing to poisoning. The situation could get worse with time.

In general, at any slightest suspicion of dog poisoning. Call your vet as soon as you can, the sooner you get your dog to the vet. The better for his health.

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