Is My Dog Pregnant?

Welcoming new life in the world is a very significant and fantastic idea. Most people think that the only valuable life is that of human beings. However, the life of your pet is also substantial. You need to know when you are expecting newborns so you can welcome them like you welcome your children.

For this to happen, you have to know when your pets are pregnant. Most of the people who own dogs as their pets never know when their dogs are in heat. Therefore, they never know whether they got pregnant or not.

It can be tough for you to know that your dog is pregnant, but if you are a very keen pet parent, it will be very easy for you to tell.

There are different signs and symptoms that your dog develops when they are pregnant, letting you know that they are pregnant. It would be best if you were keen not to confuse the signs and symptoms of an illness and pregnancy.

There can be similarities in both situations. Nevertheless, if your dog shows the following signs and symptoms, it could be that it is pregnant.

Lack of appetite and vomiting

One of the earliest signs that you will notice when your dog is pregnant is decreased appetite. The decreased appetite in dogs is experienced after a few weeks of pregnancy in your dog.

Your dog will tend to eat less food or even skip some meals. However, the appetite will increase with time. Like human beings, your dog will also vomit when it is pregnant.

The main reason why your dog will have a lack of appetite is that it feels nauseated each time it eats. If you realize that your dog has lost appetite and is vomiting from time to time, do not force it to eat.

Even though the dog will not skip meals for so long, if it does this, it would be best to call your vet.

Decreased activity

When your dog slows down suddenly, you will be able to know, especially if it is always an energetic one. When your dog is pregnant, the levels of its hormones begin to change to support the growth of the embryo.

For this reason, your dog will start feeling exhausted with time. With the exhaustion, your dog will no longer be as active as it used to be. This makes it to have a sudden decrease in the activities it is used to.

This condition is only there when your dog is in the early stages of pregnancy. When it adapts to its new situation, then the exhaustion can subside.

Breasts and nipples become bigger

The physical changes in your dog’s body will tell you that something is happening to your dog. As human beings, when your dog’s breasts begin to develop, it is an indication that your dog is pregnant.

The nipples of a dog usually are tiny, and when you look at them, it may seem as if there is nothing.

This is because the area beneath the nipples will always flat. When your dog is pregnant, milk glands will start developing beneath the nipples, making the nipples to enlarge.

The breasts will also grow to prepare for the production of milk and nursing of its young ones. As the pregnancy progresses, the nipples and breasts of your dog continue to enlarge.

The color of the nipples change

What is the color of your dog’s nipples? Most of the people do not check on the nipples and breasts of their dogs. This is very important since it lets you know if anything changes.

When your dog is pregnant, the color of its nipples begins to change. The nipples change from light pinkish to a darker color due to the increased blood flow around the breasts.

Change in behavior

The other sign that you will notice when your dog is pregnant is the change in behavior. This will depend on your dog. For instance, your dog can become so affectionate and will start clinging on your all day when you are home.

Other dogs will want to spend time alone. The change in behavior is also another sign that will be present after your dog conceives. When your dog is nearing to give birth, its behavior changes, and it starts to have a nesting behavior.

The nesting behavior will show that your dog is ready to give birth and nurse its puppies. Other dogs will be irritable in the last few weeks of their pregnancy. This is because they feel uncomfortable when they are about two to give birth.

Increased weight

As the puppies begin to grow in their mother’s womb, your dog’s abdomen will also expand in size. This is a clear indication that your dog is pregnant.

This makes your dog have an increased weight gain with time as the pregnancy progresses. This sign will occur in the late stages of your dog’s pregnancy, so you must check for other signs of pregnancy.

More sleep

When the pregnancy is in the last stage, your dog will be exhausted. They will not have the ability to move around or even exercise. This will make your dog spend more time sleeping during the day and also at night.

Increased appetite

When your dog nears the end of its pregnancy, its womb will not be the same as when conceived. The womb will occupy a very large space in the dog’s belly.

Although your dog will not eat so much food at the same time, it will want to eat frequently. The fact that the puppies depend on their mother for food will make the dog have an increased appetite.

Increased vaginal discharge

At around four weeks of pregnancy, your dog will begin to have more vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge may vary from time to time. However, when you realize that your dog is discharging excessive discharge in its vagina, make sure you seek medical help.

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