Is My Dog Protecting Me?

Dogs that protect you

When owning a dog, one of the main benefits is that it can provide you with plenty of protection. Dogs are very devoted to their owners and will often confront anyone or anything that is nearby that it perceives as a possible threat.

As a dog owner, it is important to know the signs of your dog protecting you. This will help you take advantage of the benefits of a dog protecting you as well as making sure that it is never overprotective of you.

Stay close to you

One of the signs that your dog is protecting you is when your dog is always staying close to you. This is especially true when you go out in public.

If your dog is frequently surrounding you and is often within one foot, it is a sign that they are looking to guard you from any threats.

With a close presence to you, a dog is ready to provide you with any protection from other animals and other people right away.

Bark when anyone is close to you

Another obvious sign of a dog protecting you is when they bark whenever a person is close to you. If your dog sees a person within a few feet of you and then begins barking frequently, it is letting the other person know to leave you alone.

Dogs regularly bark at anyone that they are not familiar with. As a result, your dog barking is a sign that it is willing to protect you from possible threats to your safety.

Bark when other animals are present

As well as barking at other people who are close to you, a dog will also bark at other animals. When another dog or cat or any other animal is near you, a dog will begin barking at it repeatedly.

Dogs believe that other animals can be dangerous to you and as a result, it will let the other animal know to stay away from you. Therefore, your dog is willing to protect you from both humans and other animals.

Confront people and animals nearby

When a dog is protecting you, it will not shy away from confronting other people and animals. In this scenario, a dog will run up or walk up to the person or animal.

Once it gets near the other person or animal, it will begin barking. A dog confronting another person or animal is a sign of it keeping them away from you by providing a barrier.

Follow you around more frequently

Whenever you are in an unfamiliar environment with your dog, it will follow you around more frequently. A dog will stay very close to you and constantly be on the lookout for threats.

Dogs will usually stay within one foot of you when you are in a strange environment. When a dog is following you around more frequently, it is prepared to confront any threats and ensure that you are safe. Its closeness demonstrates that it is on very high alert for you.

May attack other animals and humans

While it is beneficial for your dog to bark at other animals and humans as well as stay close to you, it may also get aggressive when protecting you. At times, your dog will actually attack another human or animal that is close to you.

Whenever it attacks another person or animal, it is attempting to eliminate the threat and protect you from harm. So a dog engaging in physical confrontations is another major sign of it protecting you from harm.

More observant of surroundings

Dogs that protect you are much more observant of their surroundings. While they are always on high alert even in your home, they will be even more alert whenever they sense other people and animals.

They will also be in very high alert when they are in areas that are not familiar to them. Its increased level of alertness is a way for it to provide you with protection by detecting possible threats in unknown environments.

Making sure your dog is not overprotective

Having a dog that provides you with protection is always a major benefit of owning one. While protecting you is very helpful, it is important to make sure that your dog is never overprotective of you.

The difference is your dog is too aggressive and acting out against people and animals that are not threatening. As a dog owner, it will be important to make sure that your dog does not get overprotective and begins engaging in harmful behavior.

Tell it to stop barking when around others

One of the ways to prevent your dog from being overprotective is to tell it to stop barking at people that you are familiar with.

If you have family and friends that come to your home and the dog starts barking, tell it to stop and that it is okay. You will also need to do this to anyone or any animal that you determine is not a threat to you and your safety.

Order it to sit and lay down when present with others

Another way to make sure that your dog is not overprotective is to tell it to lay down or sit when others are present. You can tell your dog to go away from the other people and just leave everyone alone.

It is important to do this on a consistent basis so that it is not aggressive towards familiar people and those who are not a threat.

Make sure that it doesn’t act too aggressive

The most important thing to do when looking to prevent your dog from being overprotective is to make sure that they never get too aggressive.

While a dog being aggressive towards intruders is helpful, you never want it to be very aggressive on a regular basis. A dog that is overly aggressive can hurt other people and animals.

As a result, you will need to show your dog that they have limits on how aggressive they can be when protecting you.

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