Is My Dog Ready to Die?

When the time comes, you know as an owner everyone, including animals and humans, will leave earth eventually and die.

And when the time is nearing for your dog, you will know your dog is not acting the way he/she would usually be acting like.

Here are some of the signs for when you should know your dog is going to die soon.

Loss of interest

As your dog’s time draws closer, they will begin to become apathetic and lazy. Your dog will begin to lose interest in the people who surround him/her.

Your dog will also stop loving you and the toys he/she usually enjoys playing with. The reason which is common in many dogs is body systems including the brain shut down in the process.

Loss of energy/extreme fatigue

Out of the most common signs found in a dog who’s about to die, one of them is the loss of energy. Your dog might not even have the energy fo simple tasks like moving their head.

Though, if you see your dog still moving slowly, it’s just simply the process of dying.

Loss of bowel control

When your dog is beginning to die, many of the systems in the body die too. One of these could be the urinary/digestive system.

The shutdown of both of these systems can cause your dog to pee or poo in a spot where they are lying. If your dog is not able to control his/her bladder, make sure to practice good methods of cleanliness for your dog.

Make sure to replace your dog’s pad often. Because he/she cannot control their bladders, have patience and tolerance because they can no longer control themselves.

Changes in appetite

When your dog is dying, you will notice changes in their appetite. They will usually eat less than normal.

They will even refuse their favorite treats, food, and water. Remember, the closer a dog is to die, the less their appetite will be.

You will also see noticeable weight loss in your dog. And also, even though your dog doesn’t eat much, they’ll experience digestive problems too. The problems can lead to improper digestion which leads to vomiting.

Try to continue offering food, but do not force if they aren’t able to. Let them eat at their own pace, even if they won’t eat.

Unusual breathing patterns

When your dog is nearing their time, you will notice they aren’t breathing normally. Again, when a dog is dying, they’re systems are shutting down.

Breathing will be uneven. The time between each inhale and exhale is unusual. And if your dog is exploiting these, then it is a sign their time is coming.

Comforting your dog

If your dog is showing one or more of the signs they’re dying, make sure to comfort them. Their time is near, so it’s best to be patient and be there for him/he. So here are some ways to comfort your dog.

Show love and affection

During the time of his/her final days, it’s important to still show even if he/she is secluding himself/herself. Try talking to your dog in a calm and soothing matter.

Remember, dogs are sensitive to the emotions you show them. So show your dog everything’s going to be okay. Show love and kindness and never sadness. They will for sure appreciate it.

Do the normal things

Even though your dog is dying, you should try to keep your dog active as long as they can. Try to take him/her for walks or play with them.

Eventually, the time will come where they can longer play or walk. So make the most of the normalcy you have left with your dog during their remaining days.

No new people or places

Remember, the comfortability of your dog is important during their nearing time. So it’s best to not introduce new places or people to them.

Exposing your dog to newer areas can cause confusion/distress. Exposure to new people also applies. Also, make sure to be extremely cautious with your dog around children. They may not understand or comprehend the situation your dog is in.

Options for post dog’s death

If you think your dog is reaching their time, here are some ways to remember your dog and bring closure to you and your family.

Euthanasia or natural passing?

There are usually two options for your dog to pass. One is Euthanasia and the other is natural passing. Choose between the two. It usually depends on your dog’s quality of life.

Some owners though may feel guilt to euthanasia for putting their dog to sleep, but it is a peaceful method. But then again, Euthanasia is the best way to put an end to your dog’s suffering.


There are many families who consider the option of cremation after the death of their dog. It’s a good option if you want to keep a part of your dog with you for sentimental value.

The remains can be put into an urn or put in a place of importance.

You can always also choose burial as an option as well.

Coping with the loss of your pet

Because it is a difficult time for you, here are two ways to bring closure and cope. Remember time is important. Give yourself some time.

Set some time with your family and mourn. Allow yourself to express all the emotions necessary. Talk to a friend or someone close to you about it. Talking your way forward with a friend can help you bring closure.

And last but not least, memorialize your pet. By memorializing, you can cherish and remember the good times with your dog. It can be a picture or a special memento.

Whichever way helps you cope with the loss, your time with your dog is very valuable. Nothing in the world can change for the time spent with your dog.

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