Is My Dog Spoiled? When to Worry

What are the best signs to look for if you suspect your dog is becoming spoiled?

If you have recently adopted your first puppy, then it is normal to want to spoil them a little. In fact, a little spoiling of your pet is probably good for your bond with them. It will let them know that they can trust you, and you are nice.

There is a big difference between spoiling your pet and a spoiled pet. At some point, you have to start to discipline them some and not always be their friend.

Instead of being their best friend all of the time, you need to be a parent too. If you do not, then you run the risk of turning your net companion into a spoiled monster.

Dogs get a bad reputation when they are spoiled. The problem with that logic is that it places all of the blame on the dog and none on the owner.

At the end of the day, dogs will only ever become spoiled if you let them. Now sometimes, novice dog owners unintentionally create a spoiled dog. You can avoid making this classic mistake by learning the signs of a spoiled dog.

You can keep an eye on these behaviors and if they start to appear reel things in a little. It isn’t impossible to get a spoiled dog to become a non-spoiled dog. It is just much easier for it to go the other way.

That’s why you should do your absolute best to prevent it from happening in the first place. You don’t want to deal with the headache that is retraining a dog that’s never been told no before.

It is not anyone’s idea of a good time. So now that you see why it is so important, here are the easiest signs to look for.

Your bank statements look like a dogs dream come true

How much are you spending on your pets? If you are spending more on them, then you are on yourself, it is getting a little excessive.

Your dog would probably appreciate quality time with you more than any object in the world. It’s easy to want to get them nice things. Especially when they get excited about new toys.

This is not to say you should never spend any money on your pets. You should treat them to a new toy every once in a while. Just be constrained in your gift-giving.

Your puppy does not recognize the word no, but they recognize yes

Some owners of dogs never tell them no. This undoubtedly leads to a dog becoming spoiled.
If your dog only ever hears the word yes or some other form of praise, they are going to become spoiled.

It is only a matter of time if they are not already. Make sure to discipline your dog when they need to be disciplined. That way, they will develop respect for you and the rules.

It will not harm your relationship with your dog to deny them every once in a while. It will make them a better listener, which is really what a better dog is anyways.

You are the only person that your dog really likes at all

Does your dog bark at or attack anyone that isn’t you. If so, then you have a spoiled dog on your hands. It is normal for your puppy to love you more than anyone else by far. What is not normal in a well-adjusted dog is disliking everyone else.

This happens because other people won’t enable their spoiled attitude. They are not used to being spoken down to and do not like it. Eventually, it can cause real problems if you let it go on too long. They could become aggressive towards other people, even ones they know already.

They constantly get into trouble but never get disciplined

Does your puppy try to be on their best behavior even if they make mistakes? A well-adjusted dog is not a perfect dog. This is the same way it is in people.

You almost definitely know someone that you would consider to be a great person. Even that person has made mistakes. Why would your dog be any different?

They are not just overweight but they are obese

If your pet gets a little overweight, it is not a good thing, but it’s also not a huge problem. If you have an obese pet, that is a sign of something much deeper going on.

Neither you nor your pet has self-control. Maybe you are just trying to placate them and stop them from whining about food. Whatever the source is, it needs to stop if you ever want your dog to be spoiled.

They refuse to eat their food if they do not like it

If you cater to your puppy’s tastes, it is not necessarily a bad thing. If you constantly give in and only ever give them their favorite food, it is bad. Your dog is learning that you are a pushover.

That is exactly how it starts when a pet becomes spoiled. It is almost never an intentional choice on behalf of the owners.

They just want to make their new pet as happy as possible. Just realize that raising a dog is much like raising a child. Is it a good idea to always give in to a kid that’s throwing a tantrum? Probably not.

They bark and whine until you give in. Every. Single. Time.

Here is the number one sign of a spoiled pet. If they know how much endurance you have to resist whining, they will take advantage of that. No matter what it is that they want, they will whine and whine.

They won’t stop because they have real motivation. They are motivated by the knowledge that this strategy works. It has worked every time they have ever tried it. You have to learn how to ignore your dog sometimes.

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