Is My Dog Too Attached to Me? When to Worry

Does your dog bark excessively when left alone?

The most noticeable sign of your dog being so attached is if it barks a lot when it is alone. There are a lot of problems which can come from your dog barking a lot when alone.

Your dog barking a lot can get you in trouble with the people who live around you. It can also cause your dog to become sick or dehydrated.

Barking is the most common sign of your dog being over-attached. Your dog barks because it feels abandoned and scared about being left alone.

You need to make them feel safe even while being left alone.

Does your dog refuse to eat when left alone?

If you keep your dog’s food and water out when you leave, you should notice a change when you return. If there is no difference, it could be a sign of your dog being upset when you leave.

Now, it will also depend on how long you leave your dog by itself. If you are gone for just an hour or two, your dog will not touch its food or water.

It might not get hungry while you are gone because it sleeps the whole time. Now, if you are gone for a long time, there should be a noticeable difference.

Does your dog break out of its enclosure when left alone?

If your dog plays Houdini whenever it is left alone in its enclosure, it may be over-attached to you. It could also mean they just do not like their enclosure because it makes them uncomfortable.

You need to make sure the enclosure is fully secured before leaving them alone. They can end up hurting themselves if they are left alone and try to get out.

The enclosure could have many different parts that can end up cutting them. Another possibility is they could get caught in part of the enclosure.

Does your dog do a lot of drooling, whining, and panting when left alone?

A sign your dog is overly attached to you is if they are showing signs of distress when left alone. Some of these signs are if they are drooling, whining, or panting.

These are all signs of stress in your dog, which can be caused by different factors. If your dog is overly attached to you, these are signs of their anxiety which is caused by your leaving.

Does your dog follow you around all the time?

Your dog is your best friend and companion to keep you company. It does not mean they should be constantly attached to you and following you.

You need to be able to have time to yourself without your dog constantly there. Plus, you do not want to go to the bathroom while your dog sits and watches you. They should be encouraged to have some time to themselves.

Does your dog get constant attention for good and bad behavior?

Yes, a dog is a part of the family and needs attention just like any other member of the family. You need to keep in mind though they should only get attention for good behavior.

There are all kinds of attention that can be given from pets to just simply talking to them. It means they should not be acknowledged for doing anything bad.

They should be told they were bad and punished, but there should not be any more attention.

Does your dog ever get hand-fed?

Hand-feeding your dog may seem appealing to form a bond with them. It is not advised though because it can cause your dog to become too attached.

Yes, when your dog is sick or gets to a ripe old age, hand feeding them might be a must. These are the only times though that they should be hand-fed.

They have to realize they have to do it for themselves and alone.

Does your dog sleep and cuddle with you a lot?

If your dog sleeps with you at night, they can become overly attached. The same can be said if they tend to cuddle with you throughout the day.

It is alright to spend time cuddling with your dog, but it should be limited. You do not want your dog to be constantly attached to you because it causes attachment. Your dog should have a bed of its own to create a space just for itself.

Does your dog get emotional when you say goodbye?

If your dog gets overly emotional as you are leaving, it is a clear sign of over-attachment. You should make sure goodbyes are calm and not a big deal.

There are several different techniques that can be done to prevent this emotional reaction. One technique is to distract the dog with their favorite toy as you head out the door.

The whole purpose of saying goodbye is that you will be back and reassure your dog.

Does your dog get treats without earning them?

If your dog gets special treats without earning them, they will become overly attached. Your dog does not need to eat the same stuff you are eating.

They may beg and whine until you give in, but you need to stand firm on it. Your dog will become more attached to you if they are always eating the same food as you.

You need to remember your dog has to earn their treats and should get human food rarely.

Does your dog always get its way?

If you tend to give in to your dog just to get them to calm down, then they are very attached. They know exactly what to do to get what they want from you.

It shows they know you way too well and know how to push your buttons. You should make sure to lay down the law on who is the boss. Your dog may do a lot of whining when told no, but you have to hold strong.

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