Is My Dog Waiting for Me in Heaven?

Your dog is waiting for you

I cannot fib to you, I hesitated when starting this article. Partly due to the fact that it is dependent on each person’s beliefs and partly because some will again relive those last moments.

However, on a personal note, I want to say that I am so sorry for the loss you have felt, losing our fur babies is a difficult experience to go through.

There are different belief systems out there and many ultimately come down to the same point. If there is an afterlife then our dogs and other animals will be there waiting for us, with tail wagging and smiles on their faces.

Native American

The beliefs vary widely from tribe to tribe. There are some who will say that the animal spirit becomes a start to shine down on the family forever.

Other tribes will inform you that the dog, once it passes, will become reincarnated as a human member of the family. Many tribes will explain that an animal spirit passes into the spirit world and will then be able to communicate with the tribe through dreams and visions.

The Rainbow Bridge

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, poets penned the term Rainbow Bridge. This signifies the brightly colored bridge that a dog will walk across to heaven.

This Rainbow Bridge is just what it states, rainbow-colored, happy colors taking a dog to a place where they can run and play while waiting for us. Now, many people will use that term when speaking of a deceased pet.

I have also used the term Rainbow Bridge when explaining a dog passing to a child.

It makes the loss of your beloved dog a little easier to handle when you can picture the scene. Especially for those whose pets were old, very sick, or had an accidental death. To think of them running free and playing, chasing butterflies and other dogs, makes your heart smile.

Biblical reasoning

In the book of Ecclesiastes, we are told that the beasts and the children of man are the same. They breathe the same air and ultimately all return to the same place. We were made from dust and shall return to dust. Luke, also a book in the bible, tells us that all living things will see the salvation of God.

To those who have been raised with religion, I can only say that God has made all living things. We are promised salvation upon death for the righteous. Just as God created the animals, he will restore them anew.

The book of Roman states that God will return to earth to claim all creation. In religion, this would mean that all his creations, mankind, animals, and even the plants will be claimed and given salvation.

Not religious

There are many people today that do not believe in God, heaven, or hell. Many of those are of the scientific belief that man came from apes and have developed into what we are today, This is what is taught in schools.

Science also caused a dilemma for students who were raised with religion. It is not possible to have it both ways. However, scientifically speaking, when a living thing dies, it becomes part of the earth, which in turn helps other living things to grow. This is called the circle of life.

Education takes part

There have even been studies done through educational groups to determine how many believe that animals have an afterlife. This too brings it down to one’s own personal beliefs.

They categorized each segment and it comes down to that most females of Alaskan or Native heritage had a higher belief than others.

Are you there?

Ultimately, many of us still wonder and ask if we will see our dog or other pet in heaven.

Just as in a child’s viewpoint, what does it take to make a person happy? If telling a child that yes, they will see their dog in heaven makes them happy, should it not be the same for an adult?

If a person that is feeling lost and sad due to the passing of a long-loved pet, is told yes, they will see the dog in heaven, is it any different? We say that to make a person feel better.

In times of such grief, there does not seem to be anyone thing that makes the pain go away. Although outwardly, there is no definitive answer that every person can or should agree upon, look inside yourself for the answer.

Search your heart

In this time of grief that you are experiencing, look inside yourself to find an answer. If it makes the grief less painful to picture your dog running in green fields, chasing butterflies while waiting for you, then that is what you need to believe.

For those who choose to believe it is dust to dust type of cycle and there is nothing after, stay true to yourself. Science only tells us it is a cycle of life. That we are here for a time and once we pass, we go on to nourish other living things.

Only time will tell what happens after a dog passes, and none of us will be here to tell others.


You may find that you dream of your deceased pet often. To many people that is a sign, they are giving you. You may hear the sounds that your dog would make. The little yip of happiness or bark in joy.

It may feel as though your dog has jumped on the bed next to you for a bit of a nap. Enjoy those moments, it may mean that they miss you just as much and are waiting on the other side for you.

Mythology and grief

When a grief counselor wrote the original Rainbow Bridge, there is no clue to whose grief it pertained to.

In mythology, some believe that the Rainbow Bridge referred to the Bifrost Bridge of Norse mythology.

The original poem has been altered over the years, but it still remains with the same purpose.

It gives a sense of serenity to the humans who have lost a four-legged friend. It remains much easier to envision your beloved pet frolicking joyously, waiting for you when your time is up. Then together you can both cross a bridge together.

That bridge will lead you to whatever happiness or afterlife you choose. When you hear someone mention the loss of a pet, the grief they feel, be kind. Let them know you are sorry, but never take away the hope of them seeing their dog again. We all are entitled to our own beliefs, they give each person a reason to be.

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