9 Signs Your Dog Is Weird

Pet owners around the world are perplexed by the behaviors of their animals. If you have ever caught yourself fascinated by the way your dog was acting, you are not alone. You may have a weird dog. Almost all dogs are weird dogs when you really get down to it.

Think about it, they get to live such a strange life compared to ours. However, even if we believe from our perspective is that a dog is weird, it does not mean that they are not normal.

Dogs do plenty of strange things by our standards, but almost all of the time, it is a totally natural behavior. We are going to break down several common behaviors that perplex many people. As you will come to see, there is almost always an evolutionary root of these strange behaviors.

Your puppy is the direct descendent of ancient wolves. They still have all of their DNA and, along with it, many of the same instincts. It comes from a primal place inside of your pet. That is why many of these strange behaviors may seem almost compulsive.

They are compelled to do it by their own biology. So let’s go ahead and get started analyzing some of the strangest dog behaviors you can encounter.

Does your puppy ever scoop their butt on the ground?

There have been more than a few people surprised whenever they saw their dog rubbing their butt on the ground. Although this may seem strange to you, it makes a lot of sense once you think about it.

Dogs are not able to wipe the way that we are. So if they use the bathroom and need to clean themselves, that is pretty much the only way to do it. Most of the time, this is totally normal behavior.

It could be indicative of an intestinal parasite, though. If you see them doing it multiple times throughout the day, then they probably have parasites. Go ahead and take them to the vet to have them taken care of.

Have you ever caught your puppy sniffing someone’s private area?

Plenty of people have had the experience of minding their own business when all of a sudden, there is a nose being shoved towards their privates.

If another person were to do something like this, they would obviously be a creep. When a dog is doing something like this is very normal behavior.

If you observe two dogs whenever they meet each other, they greet by sniffing each other’s private areas. This dog could just be trying to say hello to you.

Weird dogs will run in their sleep sometimes

When your dog is asleep, do they ever run around? If they do, then you have probably thought that was really weird. It is not known exactly why dogs do this.

But It is assumed that it is the dog acting out their dreams in real life. Maybe they are chasing a squirrel in their dreams. No matter why they are doing this, you do not need to be worried.

As soon as they are awake, they will be right back to normal.

Have you ever seen your dog eating their own poop?

Next time your dog goes to the bathroom, take a few minutes to watch them afterward. You may be both surprised and grossed out by what you see.

Often times, dogs will actually eat their own excrement. Obviously, humans pretty much never do something like this. If they did, they would be ostracized. Well, dogs are the descendants of scavengers.

That means that they are built to eat pretty much anything. You may be surprised to know this, but they are actually still able to extract some nutrition from their own excrement. Simply because they have such an efficient digestive system.

Does your dog’s reflection creep them out?

Has your dog ever suddenly lost their mind after walking past the mirror? This would look very strange if a person did it. Your dog may start to bark or even try and attack their own reflection.

The explanation for this type of behavior is fairly straightforward. Not all dogs are capable of recognizing their own reflection. In fact, many dogs lack the cognitive capacity to understand that what they see in the mirror is themselves.

Is your dog afraid of random things?

Sometimes dogs will appear to be totally fearless in the face of obvious danger. Then out of nowhere, something as innocuous as a plastic bag will frighten them. This may seem very weird to a human observer, but it does make some kind of logical sense.

Whenever a dog is unable to comprehend or understand something, it normally scares them. Even if there is a real danger present as long as your dog understands it, that will not scare them most of the time.

However, as soon as you bring something that they do not understand into their life, they will become very scared.

Does your dog mount inanimate objects?

Dogs that get too excited may sometimes try to hump inanimate objects. This is obviously an eccentric behavior compared to how humans behave. The reason why your dog is doing this is to assert some kind of dominance.

It is not really strange behavior. It is also not something that you need to worry about unless it is getting socially awkward.

Do you ever watch your dog while they chase their own tail?

One of the funniest behaviors to want your dog to partake in is chasing their own tail. While there is not as much of an evolutionary basis for this particular behavior, it does not mean that it is bad.

It may be the only behavior that truly is strange on this list. As an is the only behavior with no real explanation behind it other than the fact that your dog likes to do it.

Does your dog bark at shadows?

Watching your dog bark at shadows can also be pretty hilarious. It’s not a weird behavior. They just believe that there is something else casting the shadow.

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