11 Signs Your Dog Is Worried About You

Once you have gotten to know your dog, it will be easy for you to tell if they are acting differently than normal. Most pet owners end up almost as bonded to their pets as they would their own child. It is easy to allow yourself to worry about.

You do not need to do this, however. If you detect a sudden shift in your dog’s behavior, there is an explanation. Have you considered whether or not your dog is worried about it?

Many people wonder if dogs are even capable of worrying about their owners. This is a naïve thought dogs are capable of much more complex feelings than we give them credit for. Of course, they are capable of worrying about you.

They are capable of worrying about their own puppies. Why would you be any different? If you have been a good owner, they will feel like you are their family the same that they would like their own puppies.

If you believe that your dog has been worrying about you lately, it is important that you help console them.

You do not want to force your dog to live in stress for no reason. Do not feel bad about the situation, though. At least you know that your dog loves you.

Now here are some of the easiest ways for you to detect if your dog is worried about you. If you see some of these signs, then you know that you have some work ahead of you.

Science supports the fact that dogs are capable of worrying

Let’s clear up some of the most common misconceptions about dogs before we go on to anything else. Dogs have complex interior emotional lives in much the same way that humans do.

Although they lack the ability to describe them us verbally, it is not any less real than ours. Not only is your dog capable of worrying, but they can feel a wide range of emotions. That is why it is so important to be careful about how you treat your puppy.

Dogs will worry about their owners whenever they are not around

This particular reason is more common whenever they are younger animals or if they have never been by themselves before. Often times, whenever a dog is left alone, they will almost lose their minds.

Separation anxiety is incredibly common in dogs and will make them worry about you a ton. Before you leave your home and try to give your puppy a few minutes of your time to reassure them.

You may have a different scent than normal

Have you ever seen any of the stories on the news where a dog was able to detect cancer in their owner? While this is a little uncommon, it is a real thing, and there is a scientific basis for it. Pretty much everyone knows that dogs have a much more sensitive nose than we do.

They actually can detect chemical changes in your body. Humans apparently smell differently to dogs when they are stressed. If you’ve been stressed, then you might smell differently to your dog, and that may make them worry about you.

You could have an illness

As the chip above suggests, if you have certain illnesses, you might smell differently from your dog. If you think that your dog is worried about you, it could be a good idea to go to the hospital. They may be trying to warn you. Most likely, it is nothing at all, but it never hurts to be careful.

Your dog may display sudden changes in behavior

One of the most striking examples of how you can sell if your dog is worrying is simply looking at their habits. If your dog suddenly changes behavior entirely, there is definitely something odd going on.

Most of the time, they are worried about you. Now whether that worry is founded in a real reason or not is unknown.

Start licking you excessively

When a dog is worried, they will start to click things a lot. Some may even call it excessive. Most of the time, if your dog is licking you, it is simply a sign of affection. If they continuously lick you for hours without any signs of slowing down they are very stressed.

Licking themselves excessively

If you have shooed them away from you after they have been looking you for hours and they start licking themselves, they are definitely worried.

Most of the time, even when a dog starts to lick their owner too much, they will stop once they are broken away from the task. Only dogs that are experiencing extreme stress will switch to licking themselves.

Whining all of the time

This one is a little more obvious. Whining is almost never used as a sign of affection. It is almost exclusively a call of distress.

If you cannot pinpoint an obvious reason that they are whining, then the reason maybe you. Your best bet is to try and reassure them by speaking to them calmly and petting them.

Avoiding you

Pet owners have had their feelings hurt whenever they are rejected by their puppies. If you believe that your dog is avoiding you and you cannot think of a reason, it is probably anxiety. They could be anxious about you or really anything.

Follow you incessantly

It is not abnormal for your dog to enjoy following you around. What is abnormal is if your dog refuses to leave your side.

That is unless you have a service dog who has been trained for that purpose. When your dog suddenly starts to follow you around all of the time, you should take them to the vet to see if there is an issue.

Signs of anxious body language around you

Dogs communicate most things nonverbally. One of their primary method of communication is their body language.

If you see that they are stiff whenever you into the room instead of relaxed then you are worrying them.

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