Is My Dog’s Vulva Swollen?

The health of your dog’s vulva is as important as every other body part. Therefore you should pay great attention to your dog’s vulva if you care about her health. If you might have seen a suspicious appearance on your dog’s vulva, you should take the right measures.

If the vulva of your dog is swollen, then your dog might be sick. There are however several other reasons which might cause swelling of your dog’s vulva. Before even looking into the signs of a swollen vulva, here are the various causes of a swollen vulva.

Causes of a swollen vulva

A dog on heat will at times have a swollen vulva. Simply put, during the mating period of your dog, her vulva is going to appear swollen. Spaying of the dog can also cause swelling on the dog’s vulva.

If you have been to the vet recently for spaying purposes then swelling of the vulva should not shock you. Also, vaginal infections can cause swelling of the vulva. Even injuries to the vagina can cause a swollen vulva.

Generally, there are so many reasons why your dog’s vulva might swell. If you are looking to establish a swollen vulva, here are some signs which can signal a swollen vulva.

Consistent licking of the vulva

When dogs have a swollen vulva, they tend to lick their vulva from time to time. The licking will help her calm down hence the reason for the consistent licking. Maybe you may have seen your dog licking their vagina and you want to know the possible reason. Licking of the vagina is a symptom of a swollen vulva.

Most times the possible solution is to try to get your dog to the vet. A dog undergoing hormonal imbalance or dealing with a vaginal infection may have a swollen vagina. Once the infection or any other issues are dealt with, your dog will probably stop licking her vulva.

A discharge which has some blood

Your dog removing discharge might be a result of many causes but the heat period takes the lead. A dog who wants to mate will often have a discharge that has some blood. If you investigate closer you will realize the dog has a swollen vulva.

If your dog wants to mate and, you can choose to take her to other male dogs. However, before you do so, you might want to sterilize your dog so as to control the population.

Some dogs can give birth to several puppies. You don’t wake up one day to a dozen puppies in your home. Unless you are looking to give them up for adoption.

Male dogs frequenting your home

At times the sign of a swollen vulva in your dog is the presence of male dogs. You might not have seen the swollen vulva but male dogs have on your behalf. Male dogs will always sense the mating period of your dog.

They will therefore always grace your dog’s presence for mating purposes. Recent frequenting of your home could be a swollen vulva. If you were thinking about spaying your dog but haven’t. Then you should move fast before she gets pregnant and brings more puppies into the home.

You recently had to break a tie after mating

If you found your dog mating and had to break a tie between her and the male dog. There is always a possibility of the swollen vulva. If she does not bleed excessively, her vaginal walls might rapture.

Once you have broken a tie you should always try to get your dog to the vet. Broken vaginal walls might cause other issues including infections. Vaginal infections more often blow out of proportion.

You therefore should have your dog taken care of by a professional vet. Vets know the repercussions of breaking a tie during mating. Therefore they will exercise all the possible measures to help restore the vaginal health of your dog.

Protruding tissues from the vagina

Such a sign is a bit obvious but maybe the same is not familiar to you. When the dog’s vulva is swollen, there will always be some protruding tissues from the vagina. The swelling of the vulva often shows on the outer part. Some dogs have very big swellings which might end up scary.

If you have never seen a swelling from your dog’s vagina but you recently saw one. Then your dog is having a swollen vagina. The causes as seen are several and not necessarily a dog being in heat. If she has for example been through the mating period.

The swelling might be a result of other issues that normally can be taken care of through medical attention. Anywhere between two to twenty-one days should be enough days for your dog’s vulva to attain her normal size. Anything beyond the period is another sinister reason.

Changes in the color of the area around the vagina

Due to the covering of the outside of the vagina with hair and skin. Most times the color of the outer side of the vagina will be just like the rest of your dog’s body. Therefore any change of color should be cause for alarm.

If you have seen the outside areas turn a different color then there is a problem. Most vets will advise about the correct color for your dog’s vulva whereby the inside is normally pink. Getting in touch with your vet will give you a way forward.

Most importantly you will get to know a solid reason for the different colors. A different color of the vagina will often have a swollen vulva. If you look closely you might see a change in the size of the vulva.

The one fact about female dogs is, their vulva is very sensitive. Just like human females, dogs also have to take care of their vaginal health.

As seen, apart from being in heat, even infections and other diseases can often cause swollen vulvas. Staying in touch with your dog’s vaginal health will always help you know when she needs medical attention.

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