Is Your Dog Crazy?

As every pet owner has come to understand, canines do not operate by the same rules that people do. There are many things that your dog will do that may leave you feeling rather confused.

Sometimes you may concern. If you have recently adopted a dog, it is not uncommon to wonder if they are crazy. This is a natural feeling to have, especially if you have not owned a dog before.

This has led many people to wonder if it is possible for a dog to actually be crazy? Well, the unfortunate truth is that yes, mental illness can exist in dogs. Thankfully it is not as common as it is in humans.

If you suspect that your dog is showing some signs of potential mental illness, you should get them to a vet. If you are not sure what to look for them, we have just the stuff for you.

Here is a list of some of the easiest ways that you can uncover whether they are suffering from mental illness without too much effort. Now it is time for us to begin our journey of learning.

Your dog does not have a purpose and is being driven mad with boredom

This will be a problem with particular breeds of dogs more than it is with other breeds of dogs. If you have a breed of dog that is typically a working animal, but you have not given them a job, they may lack purpose.

Not every person that gets a dog realizes exactly how much time and effort has been put into reading specific traits into their DNA.

Some breeds have been bred over hundreds of years to do specific tasks as excellently as possible. When you have one of these breeds, and then they are stuck inside all day, they can be driven mad with boredom.

They are upset that you talk down to them

Most dogs can easily tell that you talk to them differently than you talk to other people. In fact, it seems that most dogs can even understand the tone of voice use is demeaning.

Imagine if you lived in a world where the person who you cared about the most constantly talks down to you and demeans you. You would probably be driven mad also.

You only try to communicate to them verbally

Quite a bit through the use of words. It can be difficult to think about how to communicate a message to your dog without using words.

Here is the problem. Human brains have been designed to comprehend language while dogs have not. They are not able to understand you, especially if they have not been around you for a very long time.

The lack of communication can cause them to slowly lose their minds.

You have been allowing yourself to feel anxious around your dog

Dogs are excellent at picking up on behavioral cues from their owners. If you have been anxious and have been displaying it openly around your dog, it may have rubbed off. This is particularly the truth whenever you are talking about younger dogs.

They look up to you as their pack leader. If a pack leader is intimidated, then obviously they should be, right?

Your puppy has been abused in the past

It is a sad reality that there are many puppies who have been put through the wringer by people who do not care.

There are thousands of puppies every year who suffer through abuse. Thankfully many of these go on to loving homes. Unfortunately, the scars of the past often follow them around to their new life.

They have lived through a traumatic event and now have a posttraumatic stress disorder

Dogs can develop posttraumatic stress disorder also. It is most common in dogs that work jobs in high-stress fields. For example, military or police dogs often develop posttraumatic stress disorder before the end of their careers. In fact, many of them will need to be retired because of the effects of trauma.

Your dog is displaying signs of canine depression

Dogs are also capable of suffering from depression. If you have ever been to a shelter for animals, you might actually recognize it. Mostly this comes from a lack of stimulation or any close relationships.

Luckily this is easier to overcome than other types of craziness. Just make sure to make them feel welcome in your home.

Your puppy is showing signs of anxious behavior

Some breeds of dogs are simply more anxious than others; however, occasionally, it can develop into pathological behavior. If you see that your dog is displaying signs of anxiety, they might have a mental health problem.

You can look out for excessive licking or chewing of their feet and fur. These are some of the most common behaviors that crazy dogs show.

They pace around in circles for hours

While at first, it may be a funny sight to see if you catch your dog walking in circles, it is not a good sign. Pacing back and forth endlessly is either a sign of dementia or another mental health illness.

Now it is important to note that this only applies if the pacing is continuous for hours.

They will bark at nothing at all nonstop

Dogs that are losing their minds can start to bark at seemingly nothing at all. Just because you do not see something does not mean that they are barking at nothing.

There are many dogs who will bark when you cannot see something that they are able to either hear or smell it. You should double-check to make sure that there is nothing that would alarm them.

They try to harm or dominate anyone that enters your house

One of the most problematic behaviors a crazy dog can show his aggressive and dominant behavior. If your new puppy tries to either attack or hump anyone that enters your house, this is a serious problem.

You should try to implement a behavioral intervention program as soon as possible.

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