Is Your Dog Rejecting Their Puppies?

Unfortunately, dogs do not always get blessed with a loving mother. When the mother dog of puppies decides that she does not want the puppies, she rejects them.

If a puppy gets rejected by their mother, they will fail to thrive most of the time. This can lead to the death of the puppies. You have the power to step in and help those puppies before it is too late.

All you will need is an understanding of the type of behavior to look for. Once you know what to look for, it is hard to miss it. Then if you end up with puppies who are rejected, you can help.

If your dog has puppies and you feel like something is off, you are in the right place. We are going to break down ten of the most common behaviors mom dogs exhibit when rejecting puppies. If you find that your dog is showing these signs, then you will be able to intervene.

The mother dog will not get close to her puppies

When a puppy is rejected by their mother, the mom will always distance herself from them. Normal mom dogs will stick very close to there is so they are able to feed when they need to.

If you notice a pattern developing where your dog is avoiding the puppies, she is probably rejecting them. Now would be a good time to get yourself involved.

You will want to make sure the pups are cared for first. Then you can start training the mom dog to accept her puppies. This will not always work, though. So be prepared to hand raise some puppies if you need to.

Is the mother dog licking the young puppies or not?

If you are worried about whether the puppies have been rejected or not, pay attention to the mom when she is around.

A dog that has a healthy bond with their puppies will smother them with kisses all the time.

If you pay attention and notice that the mom dog is either barely licking them or not at all, they have been rejected. This is the number one sign to look out for.

Most dogs will start to lick their babies seconds after birth. It should be instinctual. If they do not display this type of behavior, then something is wrong.

Do you hear any loud crying from the puppies?

When puppies are very firstborn as long as they are with their mom, they won’t cry much. Really the only time that newborn pups cry is if they are very hungry. If you hear a lot of puppies crying following birth, then they are being rejected.

Do the new puppy seem to be unhealthy

Most newborn puppies will do very well. They should appear to be very healthy. If you notice that the puppies look like they are deteriorating, then it is likely the mom isn’t caring for them.

You should try to get them some help before they are too far gone. It will be worth it when you have healthy puppies again.

The only time you should ignore the puppies is if the mom is perfectly capable of caring for them.

Does it seem like the puppies are stressed?

Most newborn puppies will pretty much just sleep all day and then wake up to eat sometimes. It is highly unusual to see a newborn puppy experiencing stress. Stress is a sign the mother is not involved enough in a healthy way.

Does the mother dog seem to be acting like they are stressed?

Now this one is a little trickier to interpret than the rest of these signs.

Mom dogs will usually display some signs of stress during and after childbirth. But if your dog continues to show signs of high-stress levels, that is not normal. It is likely that she is stressed and not comforted by the prescience of the puppies. This is how rejection starts.

Has the mother dog killed or eaten any of her puppies?

If it gets to this point, it is obviously too late. However, it is important to know that when a mother rejects pups, she could kill them. Most of the time, this will not happen right away.

It could take a few days or weeks before she has had enough of the puppies. Make sure to get involved before then; otherwise, the puppies will be gone.

The earlier you get yourself involved, the better the outcome of The Who,e situation will be.

Does she move the puppies away from her when they get close?

If you watch your dog interact with her puppies, does she seem to enjoy having them around? If she does, then she has not rejected her pups. But, if on the other hand, you notice when the puppies get close she carries them away there’s something wrong. This likely means that she has decided to reject them.

A normal dog mom would be a desire to be around her puppies all the time.

If a dog is actively taking her puppies away from her and dropping them off, then she just really does not want them around. You should separate her from the pups and make sure they get the proper care. It is a slippery slope from here to winding up with no puppies at all if you don’t get involved.

Is the mother dog acting totally indifferent towards puppies?

A healthy mom dog will be happy when her puppies are around. Now when a dog has rejected her puppies, sometimes, they will stress her out. This is not always the case though.

Occasionally, the mom dog will reject her puppies but not actively hate them. Instead, they will appear to be totally indifferent about the puppies.

Moms should basically be obsessed with them, and anything less than that is a sign of rejection.

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