Dog Breed Facts: Jack Russell Terrier

1. Jack Russell Terriers are a working breed.

Jack Russell Terriers were originally bred to engage in fox hunting. They were introduced in the early 1800s to engage in hunting. Fun fact: they are still considered to be a hunting breed by the American Kennel Club. Jack Russels cannot be shown in dog shows because they are a working breed.

Many breeders want the emphasis to be on the dog’s working abilities. They do not want the breed to be considered a Jack Russell Terrier based on the looks of the dogs. This makes it very difficult for the dog to be judged at a show.

2. Jack Russell Terriers are extremely smart.

Jack Russell Terriers want to learn continually. They do this by consistently exploring their world to learn more about it. They must keep active to prevent them from becoming destructive in their exploration of the world.

The Jack Russell Terrier is not one that will relax all day. They will look for ways always to be engaged in something. They do need to be trained from an early age to prevent destructive behaviors that may occur out of boredom.

3. Jack Russell Terriers love to be on the go.

Jack Russell Terriers are always on the go. This has been mentioned, but it is important to remember how much exercise these dogs will engage in. They have the stamina that can keep them active the majority of the day.

The Jack Russell Terrier is also very flexible and agile. They love to be outside, exploring the outdoors world where they can sniff and run. They love to play as well, so be sure to find games that you can enjoy playing with your Jack Russell Terrier to keep them engaged outdoors.

4. Jack Russell Terriers can jump.

Jack Russell Terriers are a small dog. They can jump up to five feet into the air, however. Their muscular strength, agility, and flexibility allow them to reach a height that is unlike that able to be reached by many other dogs.

It is important to make sure you use high fencing if you let your dogs roam in a fenced-in backyard. A Jack Russell Terrier can easily jump over a fence if you do not take the proper precautions. They will then continue running as they seek to explore what is around them.

5. The Jack Russell Terrier is a natural digger.

The Jack Russell Terrier loves to dig. This is part of their desire to explore and learn more about everything that is around them. They are also made for hunting a fox, so have to be able to find these foxes when they are hiding underground.

A Jack Russell Terrier when fox hunting will simply dig until they find the fox’s burrow. Upon location of it, they can chase the fox until it is caught. Make sure to dig your fence deep to prevent the Jack Russell Terrier from escaping under the fence.

6. Jack Russell Terriers love competition.

Jack Russell Terriers love to engage in competitive events. These are a way for them to be able to get out a lot of their energy and to enjoy the sport. They have significant endurance and strength to allow them to excel.

Jack Russell Terriers can use both their physical and their mental traits to become great contestants. They often do well in agility and obedience competitions. Jack Russell Terriers are also able to do well in fly-ball and earth-dog competitions.

7. Jack Russell Terriers are entertaining.

Jack Russell Terriers are not afraid of anything. They only weight fifteen pounds, but they are as assertive and alert as bigger dogs. They also love to seek out attention to make sure that they are at the center.

Jack Russell Terriers will get upset if something does not happen exactly the way they want it to. Try to work with your dog on figuring out a solution when there are problems. Make sure also that the dog does not assert their dominance too much on other dogs.

8. Jack Russell Terriers shed.

You should know that Jack Russell Terriers shed a whole lot. They have a very short coat, but this short coat leaves behind a lot of furs. Shedding keeps their coats very healthy, though.

You should try to brush your Jack Russell Terrier as often as possible. This will help to get rid of any loose hair. You should make sure to do the best job possible to prevent excessive hair and fur getting on your home and your clothing from your Jack Russell Terrier

9. Jack Russell Terriers need minimal baths.

Despite having to be brushed consistently, Jack Russell Terriers need very little time for baths. Bathing can make your Jack Russell Terrier just shed more as it dries out their skin. If your Jack Russell Terrier decides to start digging in the dirt, however, you should bathe them.

Make sure you use dog shampoo to keep the Jack Russell’s skin as moist as possible. Try to simply use water before using shampoo, however, to get the best results. This will keep your dog as healthy as possible.

10. Jack Russell Terriers love to be trained.

Jack Russell Terriers do well when their minds are stimulated. For this reason, take as much time as possible to train your dogs. Try to use positive reinforcement such as treats to give your dog a reason to learn the commands and tricks you are teaching it.

Jack Russell Terriers are very strong-willed. They want to do what they want to do. If they can know that they can trust you by positive reinforcement, they will excel in training. You may even be able to put your Jack Russell into obedience competitions.

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