Fun Facts About Japanese Chin Dogs

Traits of a Japanese Chin

The Japanese chin is a unique breed in the dog world. These dogs have a classic Oriental look with large eyes. Japanese chin is known for their large heads and flat face.

These Oriental dogs are also known for their tiny ears, which are v-shaped. These ears hang down just below the top of their heads. Japanese chin is a breed of dogs who have an abundance of hair. Their coats are thick.

However, this could be deceiving to some. When brushed weekly, there will be minimal hair shedding. Overall reducing the need to clean up dog hair from home. The weight of these adorable companions weight at an average of 3 to 15 pounds.

The height of a Japanese chin can range from 7 inches to 12 inches tall. The measurements are all from the shoulder down. The dog breed we all know and love is a fairly well-balanced animal. Furthermore, they are lively as well as love-able. The Japanese chin has a unique oriental expression anyone cannot miss.

The beautiful dog breed is lightweight as well as elegant when in movement. Its full and bushy tail is carried right over its back. Resulting in a beautiful flowing curve. Overall, the Japanese chin’s general appearance represents a square shape.


Japanese chin dogs are known to have a personality similar to a cat. The dog breed’s personality is a combination of intelligence and love. Furthermore, these dogs can be independent in addition to being loyal.

These alert dogs are perfect barkers to keep unwanted companies away from their comfort zone. Even Though they do not bark often. These dogs only bark when they feel threatened. Japanese chin is playful, as well as affectionate. However, these pups can be highly stubborn.

Additionally, these dogs are naturally headstrong and highly confident. The Japanese chin is a breed of dog who is highly devoted to their family and owners. These dogs are generally unsure when it comes to new people and strangers.

When introducing a new person to a Japanese chin, it is wise to do so in a peaceful fashion. For example, slowly introducing the person to the animal. Doing so could take some time and patience. However, once properly introduced, the animal should be confident towards the new individual.

When the Japanese chin is comfortable in its environment, it is safe to say the dog is happier. With other animals, however, the Japanese chin is excellent with other dogs. Additionally, they are incredible when it comes to introducing a new animal to the home. Japanese chin dogs are natural-born animal lovers.


Historians and dog professionals have debated about the Japanese chin origins. Several top historians of the world believe that the Japanese chin is a product of China. However, others think differently. Some believe that the famous dog breed originated from Korea.

Throughout history, there has been artwork all the way to photograph images of the Japanese chin breed. There is artwork dating as far back as 600 to 1,000 years ago in Japan. Japanese nobles are the individuals who popularized Japanese chin dog breeds we know today.

However, these big-eyed dogs were not popular or known to the West until the 1850s. These small valuable dogs became popular among the wealthy. Japanese chin is a dog breed that is seen as royalty. It wasn’t uncommon to see a wealthy family with a Japanese chin in the late 1800s.

Owning a Japanese chin became highly popular among families of higher status. They quickly became a symbol of wealth and fortune.


To get the best hair result for an individual’s Japanese chin is to brush regularly. It goes to say a standard monthly haircut and brushing is just bare-minimal. The silky coat of a Japanese chin is fairly easy to maintain. Keeping the fur in top condition is pretty easy when done regularly.

Some experts recommend a weekly bath, depending on its daily activities and surroundings. For example, if the dog plays outside a lot more, then it is time for a bath. Bath-time could be important if the Japanese chin has been in contact with other dogs and animals.

Nail trimmings for a Japanese chin should be done regularly to maintain top condition. Keeping these nails short and maintained can prolong the health of the animal. Don’t forget to check behind the ears!

Japanese chin is a dog breed that requires regular ear checks. Doing so can avoid the buildup of ear-wax and dirt. If an individual neglects this chore, they are putting their dog at risk.

These risks may include a painful ear infection. Teeth are another health factor to look out for when grooming. Those chompers should be maintained and brushed regularly. Doing so will lower the chance of potential dental problems in the future.


The Japanese chin requires a lot of attention. The Japanese chin is known not to enjoy their independence so much. These dogs can moderately get lonely when left at home too long by themselves.

However, they are not as bad as some other dog breeds. Japanese chins can be trained to behave confidently when their owner is away. Redirecting their energy is ideal. A dog owner should never leave a Japanese chin alone for far too long.

The Japanese chin is highly intelligent and can even tell their trainer exactly what they want. Which is why these dogs are bred strictly for royalty. Remember, the Japanese chin dog breed was bred to charm people.

Furthermore, being the perfect companions for royalty. Being able to charm and amuse their humans is a priority for these animals. On the flip-side, when trained, these dogs are known to be cat-like. The trait is generally seen more so during training exercises.

When training a Japanese chin, it is wise to use only positive training methods. Any negativity can cause the dog to shut-down. Any hint of harshness can cause anxiety for a Japanese chin.

These dogs love performing for their humans. Which is what makes the Japanese chin dog breed one of the best in the show.

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