Dog Breed Facts: Komondor Edition

1. The Komondor is Originally From Hungary

The Komondor was originally found in Hungary, making them a Middle Eastern dog. More specifically, these dogs came from a time in which the people who owned them for fleeing to Hungary. There was a Mongolian invasion in 1246 when the first recorded instances of these dogs are seen.

The Cuman group of people have evidence of skeletons that seem to be Komondors. The skeletons are found throughout Russia to showcase they were fleeing. It is important to note that no official records of these dogs were shown until the 1500s in a codex.

2. The Komondor is Bred from a Russian Herding Dog

Russia has a lot more to do with the Komondor’s history than one may think. Some of the first pieces of evidence of the Komondor are found in Russia, as seen. A Russian herding dog is the direct ancestor of this dog as well.

The specific herding dog that is the ancestor of the Komondor is the Aftscharka. It is also called a Russian Herdman’s Dog. This ancestor was used to guard homes and to keep herds protected. They had a different type of coat and different colors from the Komondor.

3. The Plural of Komondor is Different From Komondors

If you are talking about more than one Komondor, you may automatically assume that you say Komondors. Though this is considered correct in the English language, it is not technically correct. This is due to the Hungarian alphabet.

The technical term for more than one Komondor is Kimondorok. A k works like an s in the English language when considering the Hungarian alphabet. Another example of this is the plural form of the word ember in Hungarian, which becomes emberek, meaning people.

4. The Komondor is an Expert at Camouflage

A Komondor’s coat indeed looks like a mop. The coat is unique, however, in that it is used for more than just a unique look. It is used to keep the dog camouflaged uniquely.

The coat of a Komondor allows the dog to blend in with sheep. The dog is bred to be a herding dog over flocks of sheep and to protect them. If a wolf were to come to the pasture, a Komondor would have to protect the sheep by surprise attacking it.

5. The Komondor is a Guard Dog

The Komondor is a perfect guard dog. They are bred to protect sheep, so they are used to protecting the things they care about the most. When in a family, the Komondor will become very loyal to the family and will want to protect the family as well.

It is important to know that a Komondor may be slow to warm up. Make sure you introduce them to new people slowly and introduce new people to the dog, starting from a young age. This will prevent unnecessary fear and aggression in your dog.

6. The Komondor is On a Highly Recognizable Album Cover

The Komondor is front and center on one of Beck’s records. The specific record is entitled Odelay and was released in 1996. The dog’s image has become one of the most iconic album covers of all time.

Using the photograph of the Komondor was very last minute. If the image were not chosen, the album would have been released lately, which Beck did not want to happen. Beck and his employees got permission from the photographer and the editor of the photo to utilize it.

7. Cords are Required for the Komondor to Be Standard

The Komondor is easily recognizable by its cords that are seen across its coat. The cords are required for a Komondor to be considered a purebred in their breed category. This definition was created by the American Kennel Club.

You should know that a Komondor does not have cords upon birth. The cords take development over time, including up to two years, to get the cords. The original coat is very fuzzy. The cords will weigh over fifteen pounds once they come in, though.

8. A Komondor Requires Excessive Grooming

How you groom a Komondor is not the traditional way. It does not require brushing, as this may ruin the dog’s cords. The cords can easily become tangled, matted, and disarrayed, however, which can lead to pain.

The owners of Komondors have to, first of all, make sure that the cords do not become tangled. When they do, it is important to make sure that they are separated quickly. The dog will also require frequent bathing and trimming around the face to keep the dog as clean as possible and to avoid the smell.

9. The Komondor is Highly Cherished in Hungary

The Komondor is very naturally the favorite dog of many in Hungary. They are the largest breed of dog in Hungary. They have a rich and long history within the people of the country.

The Komondor is truly considered a relic and is cherished in the country. The people want to keep the Komondor breed as pure as possible, so try to protect it as much as possible. This is to ensure the dog lives up to the standards that are required of it to pass qualifications.

10. The Komondor is Extremely Loyal

As was seen, you will see that the Komondor is cautious with new people. Once they find someone that loves them and that they can protect, they will become extremely loyal. They will do everything in their effort to protect their people.

A Komondor will attach themselves to two or three people and not many more. They are not a very social breed. This does include other dogs as well, and it takes significant warming up to make the dogs be able to socialize well with other dogs.

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