My Dog Ate a Banana Peel

Bananas are among the most recommended fruits by veterinarians for dogs. The rich vitamin C, B6 content, and potassium make them ideal for dogs. When feeding bananas to your dog, you may hesitate on whether or not you need to peel the banana. Unlike the other parts of the banana, banana peels are not always safe for the dog. For this reason, when feeding bananas to your dog, ensure that you do away with the banana peels. However, in case your dog ate the peels, this should not be a cause of alarm. Read below to know what to do when your dog eats a banana peel.

Are Banana Peels Poisonous to a Dog?

Ideally, banana peels are not poisonous for dogs. For this reason, realizing that your dog ate banana peels should not worry you. However, these peels have fiber-rich and tough skins. These skins are hard to digest and may result in blockage. This is especially if eaten in large amounts. Therefore, if your dog ate only a small piece of banana peels, there are low chances of any problems. The problems that banana peels are likely to have on your dog are those that may result in the case of intestinal blockage.

Symptoms of Blockage Caused by Banana Peels

After your dog eats banana peels, what follows are hours of observation to see whether all is well. Some of the symptoms that you should look for are such as nausea or vomiting. Intestinal blockage can also cause loss of appetite, constipation, abdominal pain, and bloating. For this reason, if you realize such symptoms with your dog after he has eaten banana peels, it is an indication that all is not well. It should also alarm you if you realize that your dog is abnormally quiet after eating banana peels, even if he does not show other signs.

What Should You Do When Your Dog Eats a Banana Peel?

The moments that follow after your dog eats banana peels is what guides you on what to do. In this case, if your dog ate a small piece of banana peels, and he has no symptoms of being unwell, there is no need to worry. However, if the peels were too much, watch out for the symptoms mentioned above. Intestinal blockage can lead to death if not treated. Therefore, contact a vet as soon as you realize such symptoms with your dog. The vet will advise you on how much damage the peels have caused and what you can do about it. After treatment, the dog will recover and have no lasting effects.

Are Dried and Rotten Banana Peels Okay?

One may assume that rotten or dried banana peels have no harm to the dog. However, though they are dry or rotten, these peels have the same adverse effects on your dog as the fresh peels. When these peels are dry and rotten, their potassium content is higher. The highly concentrated potassium is harmful, especially to dogs under one year. It can result in the painful death of the dog. Therefore, keep dry and rotten banana peels away from dogs. Additionally, after peeling bananas, whether for you or the dog, ensure that you discard the peels away where the dogs cannot reach them.

How Should Dogs Eat Bananas?

Regardless of the high risk of having your dog eat banana peels, this should not keep him away from bananas. As mentioned above, bananas have essential nutrients such as manganese, fiber, vitamin B6, and amino acids. Each of these nutrients plays a major role in ensuring that your fur friend is healthy. Nevertheless, to avoid future regrets, watch out how your dog eats bananas. Ensure that they do not eat banana peels even in small quantities for safety purposes.

Additionally, do not allow your dog to eat many bananas. Bananas should top up the usual dog food that he eats. Eating too many bananas is likely to make the dog gain too much weight, not to mention obesity. Bananas are also likely to cause diabetes in dogs if overeaten. Limit the time when your dog eats bananas to at least three times per week.


Raising a healthy dog entails feeding the dog healthy foods such as bananas. However, ensure that you carefully dispose of banana peels as they are likely to wreak havoc on the dog when eaten either fresh or dry. In case you feel that the fiber in banana peels is likely to help your dog, ensure that you mash it well before he eats it for easier digestion.

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