My Dog Ate a Bird

Like every other dog owner, you can panic if you discover that your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t. It can happen while at home or when out for an evening stroll. Since dogs are explorers, he may plunge on that dead bird by the roadside. He may even eat a live bird.

Remember that dogs come from a lineage of hunters. They may, therefore, once in a while desire to make use of this skill. It doesn’t matter how well you feed him. This desire might be inherent. Since such occurrences are regular, you shouldn’t panic.

Even so, are there specific signs to watch keenly? While it may be tough to avoid panicking, knowing what to do can be calming. You will thus be able to handle the situation more confidently. If this happens to your dog for the first time, it may be a challenging situation for you.

In this article, you will find the information to help you keep your dog safe. You will also know the dangers it exposes your dog to, if any.

Can Dogs Digest Birds?

When you think that your dog has eaten a bird, you may wonder whether he can digest it. The good news is that it can. It is incredible how this can happen, considering the beak, feathers, and sharp claws. Dogs know how they do it best.

The Dangers of Bird-Eating

In many cases, there are no dangers posed to the dog when he eats a bird. Sometimes, you may only see mild reactions like vomiting and diarrhea. Some dogs eat whole birds, meaning they do not leave the feathers out. These may be hazardous if they get stuck on the throat or intestinal wall.

How will you know that feathers have lodged in the throat? You will see your dog coughing or having difficulties when taking fluids. He may likewise have diarrhea if the feathers are on the intestinal wall. These symptoms will mean that a visit to the vet is vital.

Your dog might contract salmonella if he ate an infected bird. The infection may come about since birds have bacteria on their intestinal tract. If your dog seems weak, you can take him to a vet. With such a danger, it is vital to be cautious when handling the dog’s poop. To prevent yourself from being infected, you need to wash your hands thoroughly to protect yourself.

Intervention Measures

While your dog may not have an adverse reaction after eating a bird, he may have a stomach upset in some cases. He may thus have diarrhea or vomiting. There are some measures you can take while at home to ease the situation.

The first step recommended by dog experts is to remove his food for up to between 12 and 24 hours. During this period, you can give him paltry amounts of water. After this period, you can start giving him unseasoned food. Ensure that you give tiny portions but more frequently.

You should continue the gradual feeding, then progressively increase it if diarrhea and vomiting have stopped. However, like with every situation, if you still have concerns, you can always present them to your vet.

How to Stop Your Dog From Killing Birds

Despite it being a skill for dogs to kill birds, it may be a habit to other dogs. When it is a tendency developed, you may need to break it. One way may be to help your dog feel comfortable around birds. How can you attain this? You can make use of a retractable leash to control him while walking in such zones.

If your dog frequently attacks birds, you can use a comfortable muzzle. A lightweight one might be ideal. While training your dog to good habits, a reward can be motivating. You can determine to have a ready treat for your furry friend whenever you go out for walks. Remember that he may relapse during or after the training. Exercising patience will be helpful.

The Bottom Line

Dogs are by nature hunters. Once in a while, they may practice this skill. With a successful hunt, he may eat his spoil. Sometimes he may even eat a dead bird. While this may not adversely affect him, he might have a stomach upset. Getting an infection from eating a contaminated bird is also possible. In either case, you should not overlook visiting your vet.

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