My Dog Ate a Candle

The key candle ingredient is paraffin, which is non-toxic to dogs. Wax is also not poisonous, mostly if it is from beeswax or soy. So, no need to be overly worried as these main components will not make your dog ill. However, candle eating can pose other unexpected dangers. For example, eating massive amounts of the candle can cause health issues, including vomiting, diarrhea, or bloating. The bigger the candle size, the more challenging it can be to smoothly pass through the throat and the entire gastrointestinal tract. But the most dangerous part of any candle ingestion is if your dog swallows the wick or metal base in the process. These can lodge along the intestinal tract causing an intestinal blockage.

Why Does the Type of Candle Your Dog Ate Matter?

It helps to know the type of candle that your dog ate. Mostly, a scented candle could be carrying several chemicals, some of which could be harmful to your dog. If the candle had essential oils such as citrus, pine, tea tree, and ylang-ylang, you could expect the dog to have some adverse reactions since the oils have varying levels of toxic compounds. Even the mild cinnamon in some scented candles can bring your dog down to its knees. Then depending on the type of ingredients, your dog could also suffer allergic reactions. But suppose your dog ate a birthday cake candle. This should not scare you as most of them are relatively small and can quickly go through the digestives system, coming out via poop.

Other Considerations You Should Note

Most homes use wax candles, and it might be what your dog ate, and that should be okay. Their body heat is sufficient to melt it, allowing it to sail through the digestive system quickly. It would help if you were on watch, though, as a big wax piece can still cause intestinal blockage. Then in rare circumstances, your dog might have ingested the entire wick and metal base, which could cause choking or lodge dangerously in the intestinal walls.

Essential Steps to Take Once Your Dog Eats a Candle

Once you are sure that your dog has eaten a candle, it is necessary that you closely watch how he is acting. Observe if there are any indications of distress or he appears lethargic. Any signs of panting or breathing difficulties might suggest some level of damage due to the ingestion. It is also crucial to know the type of candle your dog ate, as you will need to provide this info to your vet. Do you know some dogs will merely chew up the candle and not swallow the bits? It is the mess that would trick you into thinking he has eaten. It’s the reason you have to observe and investigate calmly. Check if the wick and metal base are present.

If you suspect your dog has swallowed up everything, it would be wise to bring him to the vet without delay. But if he merely ate just a few candle pieces and looks fine, you can begin to watch him closely for the next few days for any reactions. Bloating is one of the after-effects of candle ingestion in dogs. If yours show such signs, but they seem fine after all, feed him one or two tablespoons of mashed pumpkin for relief.

Why You Should Not Induce Vomiting

Unlike other foreign body ingestion where you can induce vomiting immediately, you should avoid all temptations to make your dog spew up the candle. Experts say doing so can cause further damage to your dog’s upper GI-tract, posing even more health issues for the hound.

Some of the Severe Symptoms That Would Send You to the Vet

If your dog swallowed a candle and hasn’t vomited it out or pooped, the next thing would be to begin closely monitoring for other symptoms. Assuming they are not also choking, then check if they start to diarrhea and vomit. Gently touch their abdomen for swelling or bloating. If they are whining in distress, then something could be seriously wrong. The number one issue could be intestinal blockage if your dog ingested the metal base. But your pup could also be merely having problems digesting the candle. A combination of any of these symptoms means you have a medical emergency on your hands. The sooner you consult a vet, the higher the chances of your pup’s survival.

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