My Dog Ate a Candy Cane

If you love snacks, your house or bag will always have some all through. You can share them with anyone you love.  But if you have a dog, understand that there’s a limit to the number of snacks you’re to give him. However, if your dog ate candy cane, you need to worry since you should never allow him to eat them. You’re wondering why not give your puppy candy canes, yet they’ve got a fresh minty treat? Read along to know why your dog shouldn’t eat candy cane and what to do if he eats it without your knowledge. 

Candy Canes Contain Xylitol 

Sugarless Candy canes have Xylitol, which is a sweetener. If your puppy ate sugarless candy cane just know that it’s dangerous for his health. It’s capable of dropping the sugar level in your puppy’s blood and damaging his liver. With a drop of sugar level in your pup’s body, he’ll become weak within no time and even have poor coordination. It will also make your dog’s potassium level reduce, a condition that can manifest within 10 minutes to 16 hours. 

If you’re sure that your dog has eaten this type of sweetener, don’t waste time before calling your vet. Through a vet, your dear pup’s life can be saved since they’ll monitor his blood sugar levels. The vet doctors will also administer dextrose or iv fluids and other types of care to give your dog a second chance of life if possible.

The Wrapper of the Candy Cane Can Harm Your Dog

The cover material in which the sweetener is in can also harm your puppy. The outer cover of the candy cane is plastic. If you let your puppy ingest it, it will cause him problems. Will he pass it out with other waste products as he excretes? You may say this, which isn’t wrong. However, the wrapper may cause blockage in his intestines as it’s capable of sticking on the stomach lining. 

To know when your puppy has eaten the wrapper, you’ll see him vomiting and have reduced appetite. You will also note that he’ll be struggling to do so when he’s going for a long call. Or he may fail to defecate for some time. To help your puppy when the wrapper doesn’t come out, let the vet doctor do an X-ray to get to the root cause.

Candy Canes Have High Sugar Level

You shouldn’t allow your puppy to eat candy cane because they contain a high sugar level. With high sugar content, your dog may add weight, causing heart diseases. It can also result in diabetes or pancreatic disorders, making him unhealthy. Too much candy cane will also interfere with his throat and digestive system.

Harmful Edges of Candy Canes

You may be wondering how the edges of a candy cane can harm your dog, whereas he can devour chicken bones. Well, since the edges of a candy cane are sharp, they can injure your pup’s intestines or esophagus. Your dog will be in pain and eating with such injuries; it may be a problem if you don’t notice the cause in time. To know when he’s eaten a candy cane, he’ll have a bloated stomach, constant coughing, or difficulty defecating. Ensure your vet sees the damage of the sharp candy cane edges before you take any action to help your dog. 

Some Types of Candy Canes Are Very Lethal

Not all candy canes are minty fresh. Some like those containing chocolate are very harmful since it can affect your dog’s heart or nerves. Suppose your puppy ate candy comprising chocolate; take him to the vet and check if he’s restless. You should also check if his heart rate is increasing or has diarrhea. To make sure your dog is safe at all times, take the right preventive measures. Suppose you have visitors around ask them to keep away sugar free candies they have with them. You can also ask them not to share them with your puppy. And if possible, keep their rooms locked to make your dog safe.


There is a dog-friendly treat that you can give your puppy whenever you feel like sharing your snacks with him. However, when your puppy accidentally eats a candy cane without your permission, you need to rush him to the vet. Failure to do that can lead to his death, robbing you of your dear friend. Know that candy canes contain sweeteners, which can endanger your dog’s life. The wrappers, too, are not safe as they can interfere with his digestive system.

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