My Dog Ate a Cockroach! When to Worry

Your house is home to many creatures. These include pets and pests alike. Since these two will always meet somewhere in the house, you should expect war. Wherever there is war, there are casualties. It is this law that your dog will follow whenever it meets any other intruder in the house, including a cockroach.

No matter what you do, it is tough to eradicate cockroaches from your house. You may succeed in killing the adult ones; however, finishing the unhatched ones is another job. They are so tiny and can hide anywhere in the house.

Despite the natural law, some things can scare you. And one of them is when your dog happens to eat a cockroach. How do you deal with that? Of course, you will get worried since dogs aren’t supposed to eat cockroaches. Will your dog be okay? Or should you visit the vet?

This article touches on the very subject. We tell you whether it is right or expected for dogs to eat cockroaches and what you can do about it. So let’s begin this conversation. Read on.

It Is Not a Wonder

It’s not entirely surprising for a dog to kill a cockroach by eating it. If you haven’t noticed it yet, dogs, like their counterparts, the cats, have prey drives. However, with dogs, these prey drives are so strong. That is why you will see your dog chase anything it sees; From mice on the floor to birds that are only a few meters above the ground.

Since your dog is also exploring the world in which it has found itself, it will eat whatever it overcomes. And not just that, a dog will eat anything. Dogs enjoy exercising dominion over little creatures, which is the same as humans.

Should Dogs Eat Cockroaches?

Dogs should not eat insects since they are flesh eaters. They have canines that are only helpful for tearing flesh. If we’re thinking on the same line, you know that cockroaches do not have enough meat for your dog’s canines. Let alone its mouth and belly.

However, that does not mean that it is dangerous for your dog to eat a cockroach. Look at it this way; some cultures take insects, including cockroaches, for delicacies. Isn’t that something?

Since cockroaches are naturally non-toxic, there is no cause for worry. If it does not kill a human being, it surely won’t kill a dog.

On the Other Hand

We have established the fact that a healthy cockroach will do your dog no harm. The keyword there is the word “healthy.” That means that your dog is not entirely safe. Why the twist?

Well, if the cockroach is not healthy, then there is trouble. The cockroach could be carrying bacteria like Salmonella and Streptococcus, among others. If your dogs eat such a cockroach, your dog can get sick. You are not safe, either. If you come in contact with the cockroach, you may also need to see a doctor.

It may not be easy to know whether it is the cockroach that caused your dog’s sickness. However, the fact that there is a boundless possibility of a cockroach causing harm to your part is reason enough. So it would be best if you were not too comfortable. Since you do not know whether the cockroach your dog ate was healthy or not.

What About Poisoned Cockroaches?

Do you remember what we said about casualties during a war? Well, that also applies to your fight against cockroaches. In your attempt to eradicate cockroaches from your home, you may use poison on them.

However, the problem with pest poison is that they also attract your pets. That is because of the smell and sweet ingredients like sugar. The poison dosage, however, is not as dangerous for your dog. It may only experience stomach upset.

What You Should Do After the Incident

When your dog eats a cockroach, there’s little that you can do to remedy the situation. You cannot make it regurgitate. You only leave the work to nature.

Experts in pest control say that you should check on the dog if you notice it ate a cockroach. One symptom that you need to check out is the change of behavior in your dog. Your dog may become lazy all of a sudden. Watch out for diarrhea, stomach upset, and vomiting.

Wrapping It Up

Your home is not immune to pests like cockroaches. As you war against them, your pets also fight them. However, when your dog eats a cockroach, it may be a matter of concern. That is because you do not know whether the cockroach was a healthy meal. Since roaches carry bacteria, this can be a concern. So it would help if you watched out for the signs of infection. If the symptoms worsen, visit your vet immediately.

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